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DIY mirror as a varied decoration idea

DIY mirror as a great wall decoration

Each of us gets the desire for a change in his home in a moment. You want to enrich the decor either by a new piece of furniture or something homemade. If you are one of these people and have the courage and desire to home, we would like to support and stimulate your imagination with an idea for DIY mirrors.

We admit that we were a bit skeptical about the quick and easy production of this DIY mirror. But with the right technology, good materials and suitable accessories, everything works well. And now the instructions how to master this “mirrored piece of jewelry” …

Create your own mirror design

Make a mirror

The glass cutting knife is very helpful for this DIY project

mirror shape mirror decoration

The required materials:

  • Cutting instrument for glass
  • mirror
  • Metal ruler
  • marker
  • working gloves
  • safety goggles
  • sandpaper
  • foil
  • Color spray gold colored
  • Wooden plate as a base
  • glass cleaner

DIY mirrors – step by step

Creative Craft Ideas DIY Mirror Mirror Decoration

DIY mirror – the instructions:

1. Place the wooden plate as a work surface where it is most comfortable for you. Use the ruler and marker to draw the shape of an octagon. Move the marked lines over with the glass cutting knife. Pull the mirror towards the edge of the workbench and break through the mirror ends. (Do not forget to wear goggles and put on work gloves)

2.Clean the mirror with the detergent.

3.Bekleben with the foil and make sure that no air bubbles form.

Draw geometric figures on the mirror

Creative Ideas DIY Mirror DIY Decoration

Work with caution and in peace

creative gift ideas make up diy decor

4.Draw the lines on the image with the ruler and the marker. The width of the lines is up to your taste and depending on your preferences wider or finer. But we recommend a width of about 4.5 cm. Cut the desired distances very easily with the glass cutting knife and carefully remove the film.

5. Smooth the mirror edges with the sandpaper. This prevents the risk of cutting.

6. Spray the glued mirror with the gold spray. If necessary, you can spray several times until you get a uniform color.

7. Carefully peel off the foil that is inside the marked lines, leaving only the mirror with the golden lines. (Remove the whole foil from the mirror)

8.Now your DIY mirror is ready. Place it as desired and whim.

These are the steps you must follow to create a stylish mirror. We hope it is not too complicated for you and at least you have the courage to try it. Good luck with this challenge!

A great decoration for every room

diy decoration diy mirror creative craft ideas

The cuts should be made exactly and carefully

mirror decor creative craft ideas

Give the mirror a great shape

DIY mirror creative craft ideas

Eliminate fingerprints and any dirt

make diy deco wall decoration yourself

Prevent the risk of cutting

make wall decoration yourself make mirror

The width of the lines is up to your taste

Mirror Decoration DIY Mirror

The DIY ideas are always a challenge for hobbyists

mirror shape diy mirror

Creative Ideas Mirror Shape DIY Decoration

More ideas for DIY mirrors

Make your own wall decoration yourself

Use your full imagination

Wanddeko itself make creative craft ideas

Wall and room decoration in one

make diy decoration mirror


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