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DIY projects: tree trunk decoration in the form of flower pots

tree trunk decoration diy projects planter ideas

Tree trunk decoration in the form of flowerpots

One no longer living plant can wonderfully accommodate another, which is in the middle of its development. Everything in nature is transformed, but does not lose meaning and meaning. That’s just part of the deeper messages contained in today’s examples.

DIY projects made of sustainable materials

tree trunk deco diy flower pot build yourself

At the same time, we return to the subject of dual functionality. This is a widespread trend in recent years. It will probably mean that you want everything to be twice as functional at home. Is this good or bad? We want to keep this judgment for the first time for us!

You can also build such a plant bucket yourself

tree trunk decoration diy flowerpot self build succulents

Pots of tree trunks

tree trunk deco diy flower pot indoor plants

Tree trunk and decoration

At first glance, the tree trunk decoration as such fulfills no dual function in the house. But our example today proves exactly the opposite. You can design some great tree trunks at home as decoration. At the same time you could also spice it up and let it take on the function of a flowerpot. So you have the beauty of the tree trunks at home and need no extra space for plant containers. They continue to make such great accents in the room that you would hardly need more decoration.

Decorative tree trunk flower containers

tree trunk deco diy flowerpot home plants easy care

Materials for tree trunk decoration with flower containers

– Tree trunk with the dimensions of a normal flower pot, whose diameter is at least 15cm

– Drilling machine for forming wide openings

– big spatula

– paper adhesive

– Color spray of your choice

– painting

– Small plastic vessel

How should one proceed?

Before working out you would have to do some things. If the tree trunk is resting on a piece of furniture, no water should leak out. Also, keep in mind that over time the wood starts to rot. Therefore, you would have to choose a vessel with the appropriate dimensions and have it installed in the tree trunk.

The desired end result

tree trunk decoration diy projects planter wood succulents

Further decoration ideas in the same style

tree trunk decoration diy projects planters driftwood

Flowerpot for succulents

tree trunk deco diy projects indoor plants accessories

You do exactly that:

Use the drill to shape a hole in the tree trunk. Do this with the dimensions of the plastic container. The latter has to fit right into the tree trunk hole. Smooth the entire surface with the spatula. Glue half of the tree trunk with glue and spray with paint. If you remove the tape, you would have a very colorful result. Wear colorless paint and you could also spice things up with shades and figures.

In natural colors, your project can be too

tree trunk deco flowerpot self build succulents

What plants should be there?

This flower pot has no opening for the waste water. So the roots are not threatened with decaying. That is why you can not use any plant in this tree trunk. Rather, it should be aloe or cacti. These are very suitable because they are not to be poured very often.

Easy-care indoor plants fit perfectly in a tree trunk bucket

tree trunk decoration diy projects plowing bucket wood

Tree trunk decoration for the table

The tree trunk decoration can also be wonderfully attached to the table on many festive occasions. You can use such deco as great flower vases. The ability to transform and the claim to not too long endurance in this case makes it possible for you to develop your own imagination.

Festive table top ideas

tree trunk decoration diy projects table decoration ideas candles

Tree trunk decoration in the form of flowerpot in the garden

If you have a great tree trunk in the garden, then you could use some plants in it directly. The great thing about it is that all the restrictions you feel at home do not apply here.

If you have a big tree trunk in the garden

garden tree trunk deco diy projects garden planting

Garden plants can also be planted in tree trunks

planzenkübel tree trunk deco diy projects

Other DIY projects with plants and candles

tree trunk decoration diy projects

Rustic decoration ideas

tree trunk decoration diy projects table decoration ideas rustic

Wooden coasters in maritime style

tree trunk deco diy projects table decoration mugs

Coloring and varnishing the tree trunk inside

tree trunk decoration diy projects painted

Build candlesticks yourself

tree trunk deco diy candlestick build yourself

From a tree trunk you can also make a great candlestick

tree trunk decoration diy projects candlestick garden

Any creative ideas are still possible

tree trunk decoration diy projects candle stand build yourself

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