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Do it yourself Deco – original wall decoration with cables

do it yourself decoration cable wall decoration

Great do it yourself decoration made of cables and ropes for the wall

Almost everything works with cables and wires in recent years. That’s why we always have a lot of it at home. There are two main problems associated with this. First, the room they are in is getting uglier and uglier. You do not remember what to do with the many cables.

Secondly, at some point you are simply unaware of what you can do with the cables as soon as you do not need them anymore.

Because what can be more terrible than accumulated wires in the corner look …

Do not worry about ugly cable looks anymore!

do it yourself deco wall decor electricity pylons

Meanwhile, the blogs on the Internet are full of great do it yourself decoration ideas with cables. They show how to present them more appealing instead of hiding them.

Presenting a city or other landscape with cables

do it yourself decoration cable cityscape minimalistic

You are currently considering a wall decoration in your room? Do you also have a lot of freestanding cables? Why do not you combine both things? From the long cables you can use strokes to reproduce a city landscape or the silhouette of a building. This idea looks really great in industrial facilities with freestanding ceiling lights.

Why do not you make a decorative space over the fireplace?

do it yourself decoration white cable wall decoration fireplace

Combine with color

On the Internet you will also find many do it yourself decoration ideas that combine the various cable graphics with great color. It makes whole works of art, which are partly relief, partly painting.

Simplified design

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned the more complicated do it yourself decoration ideas with cables. But for those who think they are too elaborate, we also have other options. You can intelligently make the cables look more appealing by using some very simple tricks.

You can build a special piece of furniture on the wall and wrap the cables around it.

So they will look nice and neat

do it yourself decoration red cable spiral

You can also easily attach the cables to the wall without creating a special shape

do it yourself deco loose wall decoration black cable

In many cases this will simply look like an abstract work of art. To emphasize the effect of the artwork even more, you can put the cables on a canvas.

The electrical cables that are close to the ground

You have the cables close to the ground? The Do-it-yourself decoration ideas will probably not bring you much then. Do not worry! There are many easy tricks on how to handle this. The first thing you need to do is fix the cables to the wall so they do not just lie around. Then attach leaves or other paper decorations to them, making them look like the sticks of a beautiful plant.

Why not put a bird of paper out there somewhere?

do it yourself decoration green paper leaves bird

You can easily experiment with the color

do it yourself deco paper sheets tinker

Hang a pendant light very casually on the wall

do it yourself deco hanging lamp metal cable

Neon green plastic tendrils as an elegant cable hiding place

do it yourself decorative plastic tendril ornaments

Creative idea for your cables on the wall

Do it yourself deco cable hiding

Minimalist scriptures as a wall decoration

do it yourself deco minimalist wall decoration

Or just loosely arrange the cable

do it yourself decoration wall deco trunk abstract

Source: decoist.com

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