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Do-it-yourself garden ideas that are easy to implement

garden ideas to make your own garden decor garden ideas to make yourself

Save space with some great garden ideas to make your own

The garden ideas to make yourself in this article are specially designed for those of you who:

– have a small yard or garden;

– want to make something great out of your outdoor area;

– Have a large garden, but should be closer to the house.

But for other cases, when it comes to green design, you can use the ideas described here well. It’s just about turning a small or large room into a great green area with relatively little effort.

Important remark:

The garden ideas to make yourself in this article need a good planning that goes some seasons in advance. This is because different seasons are suitable for the planting of different herbs and plant species. But it’s worth the effort, because at the end of the day you have a long-term concept.

Reuse old furniture as a plant container

garden ideas to make yourself garden ideas to make yourself

They have a lot of old furniture to throw away. Are you sure you can not find a suitable second job for her? Shelves, drawers, work surfaces are ideal as shelves for flowerpots! Why not use them for that purpose instead of spending money on brand new pieces?

Air Gardens with element of recycling

garden ideas to make your own garden decoration selbstgemachr garden ideas to make yourself

Recycling of bottles can be the basis of other great garden ideas to make your own. From this you can create vessels for an air garden. You can use plastic bottles, pave them, fill them with soil. Now you need the air plants that you use there.

This idea would certainly work well in your home somewhere.

Vertical garden

gardening ideas gardening ideas to make yourself

Do you have a fabric shoe or slipper organizer too much? Not? Then get one! In the different subjects you could distribute soil and use herbs there. That does not just look great. Also, nailed animals come off bad.

Hang this plant container in a place where it gets a lot of light. If your plants are shielded from rain at this point, you need to put a lot of emphasis on watering regularly.

Hanging latticed garden

garden ideas to make your own garden decorations garden ideas to make yourself

For this you could again use old items from your house. For example, old roof grooves would be used. How many you need depends on the size of the project. It’s best to choose a spot that gets at least a few hours of direct sunshine.

Then you need a scaffold, to which you attach the grooves with the help of rope. The elements must lie in rows with each other. You can attach them all in a chain with the same rope. Alternatively, each down-facing element could be slightly wider and accordingly secured with its own rope.

And some garden ideas to make your own

make garden ideas for yourself gardening ideas

In the last few months, other garden ideas for DIY are also particularly popular. These are, for example, those who use pallets. They are used as a surface on which to distribute plant containers. Also, they can be positioned vertically or horizontally.

In addition, whole constructions from the interior are used. There are many DIY garden ideas that use children’s pools or old sinks and sinks.

Noteworthy is the use of terracotta, both in the form of old materials, and as a container.

We wish you creative action in the realization of your garden ideas to make your own!

Design the garden with old car tires

garden decoration ideas garden ideas to make yourself garden ideas to make yourself

The old chair is perfect as a flower container

garden decorations garden ideas make garden ideas to make yourself

An inexpensive decoration idea for the garden with the unused pots

make garden ideas for making yourself garden ideas for yourself

Have you ever come up with the idea of ​​using the old shoes as a garden décor?

gartendeko selbstgemach gartendeko to make yourself

Make sure you have a proper garden design

gardening ideas gardening ideas for yourself making gardening ideas for yourself

What would you make of a single cup?

garden decoration make your own garden ideas

Let your imagination run wild

making garden ideas yourself gardening ideas garden ideas for slicing

Do you need lightweight craft ideas that you can use in the garden?

make garden decoration garden ideas yourself


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