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Dresscode Wedding: Make everything right with the men’s outfit!

Basically, weddings are more important for women than for men. It could be. But in terms of personal appearance, the gentlemen do not want to be embarrassed at such an important celebration. The scope for the topic “dress code wedding” is certainly smaller for the men. The choice of options is just not that big. The so-called no-goes are also less. The problem of choosing a dress that is too short or too long, or too low a neckline, does not exist in the selection of suits. Even with the color, you can not go wrong.

But just when the different looks for the respective frames are so similar, you can get lost.

Bright suit for men – an often chosen outfit


Dresscode Wedding: The Principles

Basically, you must not steal the groom’s shoe. That’s why you should look restrained and discreet. Except there are certain Mottos or hints to be followed. You always have to stick to them.

Thus, you contribute to the uniform and festive visual appearance of the celebration.

Vest and a comfortable suit made of breathable fabric – ideal for the summer wedding

all in the same outfit

How is the level of formality to be interpreted?

At weddings, the formality is often dictated by the dress code. What do the different terms mean for the men? Let’s get together a short overview.

If well planned, even a partly everyday look can be very successful

well planned informal look

White tie and black tie

If the invitation is a white tie or black tie, then the highest level of formality is mentioned. And as the name already shows, this is also about colors.

At White Tie, the shirt and vest are white, as well as the bow tie.

At Black Tie, you have no choice but to put on a black tuxedo. Also, you must wear a cummerbund, shirt and bow tie. More about these dress codes find out here,

Most modern weddings are organized in the style of cocktail or smart casual. In the first case you need a dark suit, but no black. Gray, brown, or blue are wonderful options. The first and third colors are currently very popular. The shirt can be quiet in a light pastel color that is type-fair.

The casual style goes well with rural, beach weddings, and those planned at the last minute or with little effort. The formal look has to be. But at the same time, you can pair everyday and formal elements together.

The accessories are crucial for very formal wedding dress codes

important accessories

Pay attention to the details

Follow the tone given by the bride and groom. In addition, you should also pay attention to the details. The selection of accessories should be discreet and at the highest level. The perfect looking shoes are also a must. If you are with a lady, your outfit should also suit yours. And vice versa. Do not forget to choose suitable dresses for the location. You must ultimately feel comfortable and confident so that you can celebrate for a long time. Because that is certainly a lot for the wedding guests.

Here are a few funny tips on “Wedding Guest Knigge”

all in white beach

Flashy socks do not work? Here the dress code seems to say something different!

unusual details vote

You can break the strict formality with a few glaring details

Ladies gentlemen same

Three good outfits for a formal evening wedding

three monochrome outfits

Dark suits are also used for formal day weddings

uniform look

Dresscode Wedding: Very bright blues and grays are good for the formal summer weddings

uniformly bright and gray

Formal men’s outfits for an elegant wedding

formal dark gray black

Dresscode Wedding: Elegant looks for a day wedding

formla day wedding

Dark dress code in women also sets a strict tone for men

grey black

Dresscode wedding: Outfits for summer weddings must be easy to care for

well thought out casualness

Different men’s outfits for the wedding – suitable for formal day and evening weddings

Men's outfits wedding

Formal and creative looks

their type-is-important

Some of the most common wedding dress codes

outline-most important-dress codes

Like the groom, but a bit more informal – that is how the wedding is lifted and yet casual

white beige detail

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