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Dresscode Wedding: So the selection of women’s outfits is fun!

We find that the topic “dress code wedding” is sometimes approached too seriously. The outfit of the guests should undoubtedly contribute to the festive mood. Some rules are practically universal. But depending on how the frame of the party fails, you can also break it.

All dress code and topic hints should be considered as a help. Not as a restriction or compulsion.

In this article, we will first give an overview of the most important rules of wedding gowns. A few concrete examples should help you in your individual choice.

A classic cut and modern patterns are perfect for the dress for the wedding

classic cut and floral design

Theme or motto of the dress code of the wedding

Carefully read your wedding invitation! Is there information about the topic of the dress code? If there is a motto, then it can point that out to the attached style of clothing. Mostly this is also called exactly in it. Rock’n’Roll has been very popular for many years. Weddings or these, the medieval traditions pick up. Depending on the interest, different other variants are possible.

Discreet, typographic colors are ideal for the wedding of your best friend

discreet but type-appropriate

Important dress code wedding terms

There are a few terms that are to be understood literally as dress code. Incidentally, this is not just for the dresses of the wedding guests. Take your time to remember the terms. Or write down and keep the list ready for special events. Here are the essential dress code terms at a glance:

  • White tie: That’s probably the most demanding version. Here you may appear only in an evening dress reaching to the ground.
  • Black tie: These festivals are a level informal. In addition to the floor-length, you can also take a knee-length dress for this.
  • Formal, Black tie optional: For women, this dress code is virtually the same as black tie.
  • Cocktail, Semi-formal: As the first name implies, cocktail dresses are a priority here. It is important to escape from a too classic appearance.

Simple cut with elegant textiles

all discreet and very elegant fabric

Dresscode Wedding – Do not steal the bride’s show!

There are several Go / NoGos wedding dresses for women’s guests. The lists of the two are incredibly long and can sometimes be daunting. In general, it’s about not stealing the show from the bride. Wearing mini skirts, the little black dress, too big necklines, eye-catching colors, and so on are not recommended. We advise you against it!

But sometimes you can wear one of those outfits and still look appropriate. It depends on the wedding theme and how the newlyweds act themselves. At some wedding parties, you might find yourself in an extravagant outfit, but you better enroll in the number of guests.

Rely on your feeling, and maybe you can coordinate your look with the wedding planner or the bride herself.

By choosing a similar outfit as this one of the bride, you can contribute to the event’s overall uniform appearance. Finally, you must look attractive and beautiful so that the whole celebration wins festivity through your presence.

Simple appearance is enhanced by great textiles and modern cut

blue dresses sandals habstiefel

The wedding location

The last significant criterion is the wedding location. Here are some typical situations to mention. In a rural wedding, you strive for a balance of elegance and romance. Neutral and trendy colors like bright pink, sky blue, or delicate purple are more than fitting. Discreet plant patterns, which are super popular for a few seasons anyway, would be a great option.

You can combine light lines, tucks, and a classic cut. Allow yourself some asymmetry or a playful neckline. You can not be too provocative. Her look should not be more noticeable than that of the bride.

Jewelry and accessories must be in order

elegance in white with sparkling details

Wedding in the big city

In the big city, you may be dressed more eccentric. Side shoulder neckline would be perfect. This year there are many such modern clothing models.

For example, deeper necklines, sloping shoulders, and asymmetrical sleeves would be more appropriate in such a context. But again, the rule is: Go ahead with a level of restraint, rather than giving the impression that they wanted to push the bride into the background. After all, you do not want to embarrass yourself, do you?

Regardless of the goal, the discreet use of accessories is a must. Less is more always true, regardless of dress code, theme, and location. The minimalistic use of these helps to keep the outfit of the bride most visible.

In an informal dress, you can also allow a strapless appearance

floral pattern off shoulder

wedding on the beach

The wedding on the beach is a trendy topic. Here comfort always plays a predominant role in unpredictable weather conditions. Ideal are dresses made of saffron or silk with a free, casual-looking cut. So you do not steal the show from the bride; you should pay attention to the colors here.

Romantic and noble dresses are ideal at weddings

modern pattern and fabric great cut

Wedding at the last minute?

Some people even plan their wedding at the last minute. That’s the way they are. On the one hand, this can be stressful for the guests. But such a situation also has its advantages. You can combine everyday elements in clothing with elegant accessories. It also makes it easy for the bride to take her place at the center of the celebration.

Hopefully, we could help with our overview of the rules for the dresses for wedding guests. As already emphasized, they are there to make the festival even more festive. Weddings are unique moments both for the newlyweds and for the guests. The dress code is only intended to help you make the most of it. If you know how to do that by breaking the rules, then do it calmly. And do not forget that the honest congratulations and the authentic smile are the best wedding accessories for guests!

More about dresses for wedding guests for formal weddings can be found here:

Romantic and playful – ideal for rural weddings

delicate fabric light rose

With a long, metallic-shiny dress, you can afford a provocative detail


Dark blue background and floral pattern – modern and ideal for weddings

modern-pattern-on-dark blue

This model is subtle, classic yet so provocative and unique

classical and romantic discreet colors

A straightforward model with discreet folds – very noble color and textile. That works too.


Thin straps, sunny nuances, a noble game with tucks. Just perfect.

textures with-colored-eyed-game-

High-quality execution of the details. Perfect for the noblest wedding.

very elegant-wedding-dress-for-guests

Classic color and cut, modern nuance. Ideal for the 2021 trends

tip blue ideal

Long dress in light blue and made of fine fabric is also great

super elegant long dress

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