Drink tap water: Do not stand on the line, drink from it!

Finally summer has arrived. The time to ride a bike, to lie on the lake or simply to barbecue in the garden with friends. It is important not to forget the drinking, so that our body has enough fluid for all the fun activities. And we Germans are pretty good at it: every German drinks 142 liters of bottled water every year. Extrapolated to the whole population are the 11.5 billion liters of bottled water. Since it is usually difficult to imagine such a mass: With it, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin can be filled 9x. With this consumption, we are in second place in Europe after Italy and even fourth in the world. So we drink water enough, the problem lies in the packaging, the plastic bottle.

Drinking tap water is healthier than water from PET

child drinks tap water

In Germany alone, 32 billion plastic bottles are used daily, and unfortunately, at least the least worrying about what happens to the bottle when it is empty. Evil you can not take that really anyone. Germany is the world champion of recycling. 93% of all PET bottles are recycled.

That this is unfortunately not the solution is far too little communication. Only 25% are used to make new bottles. The rest is shredded and processed to inferior plastic. This then creates garden chairs or plastic bags, which in turn are not recycled further. In order to tackle at least the enormous plastic bag consumption, 240 companies have joined forces in 2018 and made their shopping bags for a fee. That’s a good start. But actually it is much easier to live environmentally conscious, which is usually even more cost-effective. The answer is drinking tap water.

If desired, you can even filter tap water

use tap water drinking filter can

In Germany, we are fortunate to have access to clean tap water. Always and everywhere. Tap water is more strictly controlled than bottled water and therefore has better quality. The check takes place the moment the water comes out of the tap. With bottled water, the control takes place before it is filled into the bottle. This means that all pollutants that are added afterwards are not taken into account in the quality check. Tap water costs an additional 250x less than bottled water. So while you’re actively saving money, you’re helping to prevent us from swimming more plastic in the sea in 2050 than fish. Because that’s the way we are right now. Almost every day, 22,000 tons of plastic end up in the oceans, poisoning not only our environment, but ultimately ourselves.

Say “No” to plastic bottles!

Empty plastic bottle on the beach

Drink only tap water!

healthy drinking water drinking tap water

More information and facts about plastic bottles are available infographic , So just remember to take a fabric bag with you before you go shopping and invest in one personal returnable bottle , It really starts with the little things, but if we all pull together, everyone can contribute a little to improving our planet. Join us too!

Glass bottles – the healthy alternative to plastic

tap water drink glass bottle


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