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Easter cake – fast and easy easter decoration ideas

Simple and fast made Easter pastels

After the cold winter, the days before Easter give us hope for the coming warm time and invite us with a sunny spring mood.

It would be boring to receive this big party without a nice thematic decoration. Above all, the Easter decoration is a lot cheaper than the Christmas decoration. You can also create great Easter crafts yourself.

It is not necessary to overfill the whole house with eggs, flowers and easter bunnies. But at least you can do some interesting decorations Make yourself with the elements mentioned above. And if you have children, the Easter crafts can become a pleasant and fun ritual.

Now follow some easy and fast decoration ideas for Easter.

Make a merry Easter garland yourself

Colorful garland with happy easter eggs

Easter garland

A colorful Easter garland can decorate any room great. Cut out happy Easter eggs from colored paper and hang them on a long string. It is much easier and more original to hang them with clothespins. Paint the paper eggs with a marker for an additional decorative effect. This kind of decoration will adorn walls, can be hung over doors and at the window.

Use templates for perfect shapes

Easter eggs and chicks for the Easter tree

Decorate Easter tree with eggs

This Easter tree can be made from dried branches. Then hang on decorative Easter eggs with loops. Another alternative is to cut small chicks or Easter eggs out of paper, as in the Easter garland. To get the shapes you want easier and faster, use templates. Additionally decorate the eggs with loops and hang them on the branches or any other places in the house.

Make an Easter wreath for the door and table

Easter wreath with purple Easter eggs


Easter wreath

An Easter wreath of flowers, branches and artificial eggs will decorate the entrance door very well. You can buy a finished wreath and embellish it with eggs or some green as you wish. Another great tip is: You can also use this Easter wreath as a decoration for the party table.

A decoration idea that invites you to snack

Chocolate eggs in wicker basket as easter decoration

Arrangement with sweets

Another light Easter decoration! In almost every house a wicker basket is to be found and if not, one can take a transparent glass bowl. Before Easter, the market is overflowing with thematic chocolate sweets in various forms. Fill the wicker basket or glass jar with treats. The only thing you might want to look for are the colors. Arrange to match the rest of the Easter decoration.

Set the Easter decoration as the center

Easter table decoration with eggs flowers and bunnies

Table Decor

Your Easter table will not be perfect without a decoration of eggs and flowers. In addition to the painted Easter eggs you can arrange candles, artificial grass and the emblematic Easter bunnies made of different materials. Complemented by beautiful Spring flowers as centerpiece Your festive table decoration will simply be perfect. So you will fully enjoy your feast for lunch or in the evening.

Fresh flowers in egg shells

spring flowers as easter decoration for the table

You can use the egg shells and cardboard as part of your decoration. Just put short cut flowers in the empty eggshells and you’ll refresh your table or shelves. Use many and different flowers that are typical of this season – daffodils, tulips, primroses, freesia, hyacinths etc.

Make sure you have a beautiful and atmospheric Easter decoration!

Use old items to make Easter decorations

Picture frame with Easter eggs as decoration for the door

A great combination of flowers and carrots

table decoration with carrots to easter

Make your Easter decoration with your children together

tinker colorful easter garland with the children

Interesting Easter crafts made of cloth

Stofhase as decoration for the door

Use seasonal flowers for your Easter table decoration

eggs and flowers as a table decoration for easter

Make the Easter treats as part of your decoration

chocolate eggs and bunnies in glass for easter

A fresh window decoration for spring and easter

Window decoration with eggs and flowers

Great Easter paper craft, which delights all children’s eyes

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Paint the eggshells for greater effect

painted eggs with flowers

Use everything unnecessary again

light easter crafts and decoration

Easter cake with fresh spring flowers

Combine your beautifully painted eggs with fresh flowers

glittering easter eggs as a table decoration

Bright colors spread more mood

Easter wreath in the form of bunny for the door

table decoration for the Easter festival

decorate branches with artificial eggs

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