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Easter table decoration – charming ideas with practical value

Easter is next to Christmas the most popular festival of all Germans and it is therefore every spring impatiently expected by young and old. Now the Easter holidays are getting closer and closer and we notice the colorful decoration that we admire daily in shops and offices, in public buildings and in private houses. Have you already decorated your garden and courtyard for Easter? If not, it is high time to do so, because soon the little ones are looking for colorful eggs in the grass. And have you already considered your table decoration for Easter at home and designed a specific concept? If not, we have great ideas to offer. In this article we want to help you with a few charming ideas with practical value to make your home festive and stylish to decorate. Stay with us and get new inspiration for your table decoration for the big family party!

Easter bunnies bring golden eggs! So beautifully and stylishly arranged!

Beautiful table decoration Easter

  • At the table decoration for Easter typical symbols of this festival should not be missing

In our opinion, the classic decoration ideas for Easter are always the most beautiful! That is why we think that on every festively decorated table you should not miss the typical Easter symbols. The Easter egg is the typical Easter symbol par excellence!

The eggs are available in different colors and according to various techniques to dye . paint and decorate and then decorate the table with it. Colorful eggs can be placed in eggcups, in boxes, in homemade baskets, in large or small bowls or distributed directly on the table. Why not try a stylish arrangement for your table decoration with colored eggs and candles? The result is always excellent!

What would Easter be without Easter eggs?

Easter table decoration Easter eggs soft colors grass

No Easter would be conceivable without the typical Easter bunny, is it true? The popular master lamp has its well deserved place on every festive table for Easter. For centuries, the children believe that he brings the colorful eggs for Easter. Depending on the region, however, other animals may also take on the role of Easter egg suppliers, for example the fox, cuckoo or the stork. Small figures of these animals can also decorate your party table for a big party. Take the opportunity to teach your children interesting stories about German festivals and customs, they always find the little ones very interesting!

Rabbits have been the typical Easter egg suppliers for centuries, the children believe!

Easter table decoration rabbits

You can also fold the napkins in rabbit shape or select and decorate them accordingly.

Table decoration Easter egg cup beautiful tableware flowers

Since Easter coincides every year with the beginning of spring, you have the excellent opportunity to spread a cheerful atmosphere in your home. Our tip is: set your table decoration on a lot of green and beautiful spring flowers. Daffodils, hyacinths and tulips can always be used in the decoration of your own home, especially for a big party!

Beautiful spring flowers arranged in vases are an inseparable part of the festive table decoration!

Beautiful spring flowers tulips roses in vases

Less is sometimes more! Table decoration in minimalist style

Minimalist table decoration Easter

  • Easter table decoration in minimalist style

However, some people often think “out of the box” and find the classic ideas for traditional Easter decoration too sophisticated, exaggerated or even boring. That’s why we have something special for you. These are our tips for a stylish minimalist Easter decoration! Yes, you have read it correctly! Table decoration for Easter can also be executed in a minimalist style! According to the motto “less is more!” You can also design excellent arrangements for Easter. These do not necessarily have to be black and white, a few color accents are welcome! These only emphasize the festive mood!

Even a minimalist table decoration can be so charming!

Minimalist table decoration green in pot pink flower in vase

If you are also a fan of the minimalist style, then put on your table decoration for Easter on pale colors, little decoration, white eggs and some flowering branches and feathers. These are perfect enough to express your favorite style and taste!

A pussy willow twig and some easter eggs – that’s enough for fans of the minimalist style as table decoration for Easter!

Minimalist table decoration easter white

Minimalist table decoration for Easter in the classic color duo black and white!

Minimalist table decoration Easter black and white

  • Table decoration for Easter with rustic flair

The followers of the rustic style will get their money’s worth while festive decorating! They are in their element here, because in the Easter decorations are a lot of wood and natural materials, many elements directly from nature available.

A piece of nature on the festively decorated table!

Table decoration Easter rustic flair

Bird nests homemade, beautiful flowering branches and fragrant spring flowers should not be missing on the Easter table. Choose subtle or neutral colors and create a stylish table decoration at home with simple materials!

What is still missing? Oh, yes, call your friends and relatives and organize a unique Easter! No matter in which style exactly your table decoration is executed, we wish you happy easter!

A flowering branch is the centerpiece of this rustic table decoration.

Rustic table decoration Easter

Homemade bird’s nest for the Easter eggs!

Rustic table decoration Easter eggs wooden table

The table decoration for Easter may also be rustic!

Rustic table decoration Easter wreath eggs

The lavender smells so good and decorates the party table!

Table decoration nice arrangement white porcelain

The Easter brunch can start at the table decorated in this way!

Beautiful stylish table decoration Easter brunch

Show your style and taste at the table decoration!

Table decoration Easter style and taste show beautifully decorated flowers Green rabbit chocolate eggs

Happy Easter in a minimalist style!

Easter table decoration in a minimalist style

minimalist table decoration Easter eggs

minimalist table decoration Easter white eggs bunny feather

Beautiful spring flowers set colorful accents on every festively decorated table.

Beautiful spring flowers colored accents festive table decoration

rustic table top easter bird nest egg pussy willow twigs

rustic table decoration Easter eggs in basket metal

beautiful table decoration Easter eggs rustic flair

Easter table decoration rustic style Easter eggs in metal cups

Decorate the Easter table with flowers and you can not go wrong!

Table top white tablecloth beautiful tableware

Easter eggs in carton or in the cup? Everything is possible when decorating the Easter table!

Beautiful table decoration Easter eggs

beautiful Easter table decoration in minimalist style

beautiful Easter table decoration in minimalist style

The Freshideen-Redaktion wishes all our readers Happy Easter!

Table decoration for easter flowers vases bunny easter eggs typical symbols

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