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Easy-care balcony plants – beautify the balcony easily and quickly

balcony plants easy care petunia purple beautiful little balcony

Easy-care balcony plants that make the balcony look more appealing

Everyone strives to make the outdoor area fresh and comfortable. Not everyone has enough space for the design of a beautiful large garden. Don’t do anything! If you create a wonderful balcony, the lack of a garden would not be so noticeable.

And you could only put this into action by means of easy-care plants. You could even grow some of the food there. Spices also thrive on the balcony. If the wish of you already exists, then get down to work! You could draw some inspiration from the beautiful examples that we have collected in an interesting picture gallery.

Geraniums (Pelargonium) in a flowerpot

easy-care balcony plants geranium pelargonium

White lobelia

easy-care balcony plants lobelia white

For the people who do not have a garden, the beautiful balcony is a good alternative. We draw your attention to its easy care balcony plants that are also nice and fresh. And what does the look of the small balcony garden depend on? From a few things. In the first place comes the natural light. If your balcony is lit for six or more hours by the sun’s rays, then various plant species could thrive there. It is also important whether the light is direct or prevented by treetops. So, it is recommended to get information about how to take care of every single plant. The climate on the balcony is also not to be overlooked. Because the conditions are partly different from those in the wild.

Red geraniums

easy-care balcony plants red geraniums

Fresh geraniums in different shades

balcony plants easy-care geraniums different colors

If you choose the balcony plants correctly, you look forward to better final results. Surrounded by beautifully fragrant and colored flowers, everyone will feel better on his balcony. The flowering plants are of course more charming and make the balcony more colorful and charming. And you can always find space. Even small balconies can be beautifully decorated if you put on suitable plant containers. Those which can be fixed to the wall or to the balcony railing are e.g. especially suitable for the small balcony. Which plants are easy to grow on the balcony? These include geraniums, lavender, pansies, petunias, tagetes. Lobelia, fuchsias, daisies, and climbing balcony plants are also very popular. The last ones are also a nice screen, which makes them multifunctional.

Fresh geraniums in elegant flowerpots

easy-care balcony plants geranium flowerpots colored beautiful

Combine lobelia with other plants

balcony plants lobelia purple combined with other plants

The lavender is a beautiful balcony plant

balcony plants easy care lavender balcony shape

Colored petunias

balcony plants petunia different colors

Yellow pansies

easy-care balcony plants Pansy yellow fresh

The mixture of different plants on the balcony looks really beautiful. But better start with a small garden. So you can assess if you manage to care for a bigger one. However, it does not only invest money but also time and effort. You should not go in vain, right?

Geraniums breed

balcony plants geraniums breed red flowers

Make the balcony look more beautiful with fuchsias

balcony plants fuchsia whimsical flowers balcony shape

Lavender in a white flowerpot

balcony plants lavender white flower pot balcony

Blue lobelia flowers

balcony plants lobelia exterior design

White petunias

balcony plants petunia plants easy to care for

Let the petunias hang

balcony plants petunia hanging balcony frame

Petunias in a blatant pink

Balcony plants make beautiful petunia balcony

White pansies

balcony plants pansies white flowers balcony shape

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