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Elegant flower box beautifies the outdoor area

flower box design wood simple elegant

Flower box designs – simple and stylish at the same time

Plant containers are a perfect way to make the ambience fresher, whether in the house, or in the garden, on the balcony or in the patio. While garden beds and vertical gardens increase the green area, you can use appropriate planters and flower boxes to make the room as desired and make it look bigger or smaller.

Here are some tips from us!

Here you have a huge plant box combined with a simple flower box on the bottom shelf. Very compact, right?

flower box design legs dark garden exterior

If you are after one Planter choose a functional one that is not only suitable for the particular plant, but also inscribes itself into the ambiance in terms of color and style. He will then turn into an accessory!

A very elegant design in white, which looks even more beautiful with the plants in it

planter design white beautiful living ideas

A deep planter in white on the terrace, which is perfect for any outdoor area

huge flower box white design garden terrace

Plant box, attached to the garden fence

flower box design inspirational beautiful flowers

Of course, the material of the planter depends on a few things; Depending on the purpose and type of plant, different flower boxes are suitable for specific spaces and occasions. Concrete, plastic, metal, wood – depending on! Wood is a classic material and wooden boxes always have a natural look. But if you’re looking for a more modern look, then better bet on metal. Concrete plant containers, on the other hand, are extremely weather-resistant. In some cases, these are not very cheap because of their properties. Plastic flower boxes are financially affordable and a good choice. Its features make it as well as good for outdoor use.

Simple white design that will give the exterior a stylish look

flower box design outdoor area design white design

Planters connected with wooden bench. A particularly functional design

flower box design wood wooden bench garden outdoor area design

Planter made of wood

flower box design wood simple elegant green lawn

Modern design that inspires

flower box design modern elegant exterior design

Dark planter placed at the window

flower box design black window decorating flowers

Beautiful design in white that just looks great in front of the brick wall

flower box design stylish white brick wall

White design with two yellow horizontal stripes

flower box design white yellow exterior design

White planter with black holder

flower box design white holder beautiful living ideas

White plant containers in front of the gray garden fence

flower box design white plants exterior ideas

Hanging wooden planter by the window

flower boxes window deco ideas beautiful living ideas

You could also create your own design. Like this one. The planter looks particularly rustic, but at the same time also quite inspiring!

original flower box diy ideas window

White planter is a beautiful exterior solution

garden plants flower box design white stones

Elegant brown flower boxes in the modern garden

flower box design garden furniture set plants outdoor area

Light gray flower boxes at the red window. A nice color combination

flower box design gray fresh flowers


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