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English style kitchen furniture – inspirational ideas

kitchen furniture english style floor tiles kitchen island

Kitchen furniture in English style – the features

What associations do you have with the terms “rainy” and “cold” … certainly with fall, winter and with … England! It’s true, right? Then that is probably a very opportune moment to talk about the kitchen equipment to entertain in English style.

It is about couples of tradition, mixed with classical elements, conservatism, neutrality and flexibility. But let’s take a closer look at the main principles and discuss how to use them in the kitchen.

The more the better

When it comes to the kitchen equipment In English style, modesty has little room. Suitable for such equipment are therefore above all the large premises. Because this includes many shelves and other varied variations of storage space.

Furthermore, it is of fundamental importance to accommodate a very large table there

kitchen furniture english style white furnishings

Great dining table lamp

kitchen furniture english style wooden dining table


Waiver of extravagance

In many cases, you can afford generosity in the kitchen equipment, but not in terms of extravagant handling. If you love the unexpected color combinations and the unusual deco, then certainly the English style is not for you!

Stylish chandelier in the kitchen

kitchen furniture english style kitchen table carpet runner

Flexible and at the same time neutral

In the case of the English kitchen equipment the second is a consequence of the first. Moreover, the materials that are used are always of very high quality. This means that they are likely to continue in the literal sense for the next 100 years. In addition, materials are always selected that look nobler in time, such as that they form precious rust. So, everything in the English style adds value over time. Just as it belongs in a sophisticated tradition.

White decor

kitchen equipment open wall shelves carpet runner stripes

The English kitchen equipment only allows a seamless appearance

No matter how modern and great the technologies are, they must be hidden away in the English kitchen. They have to step back and leave a lot of space for everyday life and people.

The wall wallpaper fits great in this kitchen, do not you think?

English style kitchen kitchen wallpaper kitchen island

Quiet nuances and pleasant light

The colors that are used must be calm and balanced. With wood, one often decides on the natural grain. The other materials are usually painted in earthy, natural shades. Here again, it should be mentioned that everything flashes against English style.

Open wall shelves

kitchen furniture english style white kitchen cabinet wicker furniture

The light should also be restrained and gentle. This is just as important as the colors. Neon lighting and bright, cool light are not allowed.

Beautiful candlestick over the round dining table

kitchen furniture sis rug round dining table

Textiles and ornaments that are suitable for the kitchen equipment in the English style

While kitchen design in the English style must be restrained in terms of color, this is by no means true for ornamentation. Decorative work in wood is very hip and typical. This tendency is overarching. It affects not only the cabinets, but also the dishes and even sometimes the cutlery made of precious materials. Especially the wood carving is very popular.

This kitchen looks luxurious, right?

kitchen equipment ideas english style kitchen island

The kitchen equipment in English style – a paradise for people with collections

If you are looking for a suitable place for collections at home, then the English kitchen equipment the appropriate context for it. This is actually almost the only allowed second function, which may be met. Take note that the items displayed on the open shelves are at the appropriate level.

Nice color contrast

kitchen equipment floor tiles wood look kitchen island

White interior and brown floor in the kitchen

kitchen furniture english style dining room open plan

Large storage space

kitchen equipment english style kitchen island wall tiles

Mild shades of brown for the walls

kitchen equipment english style white brown wall design

White dining table and green chairs – a beautiful combination

kitchen furniture english style white dining table green barstool

Very stylish kitchen equipment

kitchen equipment wooden kitchen cabinets kitchen island

Work surface in silver color

kitchen equipment white kitchen cabinets silver countertop

Dark accents in the bright kitchen equipment

kitchen style english style kitchen table

Classic kitchen equipment

kitchen furniture english style kitchen island floor tiles

Pendant lights in the kitchen

kitchen english style wall tiles bar stools

The blue cutlery looks good

kitchen equipment white kitchen cabinets black countertop


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