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Exchange kitchen fronts: Give the own kitchen a new face!

Worth knowing and practical tips if you want to exchange your kitchen fronts

Our kitchen is increasingly turning into a second living room. The latest trends in living also show very clearly that not only in the kitchen, but generally in our home more and more innovations move. Smart home is paired with sustainability and optimal ergonomics and one strives for even more comfort with maximum energy efficiency. And what about aesthetics? Of course, this is very popular. The external appearance definitely plays a fundamental role in the kitchen design and this can be determined mainly by the kitchen fronts. Because just as we beautify ourselves with new clothes, make-up or new hair color, you can spice up your entire “face” in a kitchen by replacing the kitchen fronts.

Give your kitchen a new “face”

The good news is that you should not replace all kitchen furniture such as cabinets, dressers or drawers, but really only the furniture fronts. In this way you save not only money, but also precious time and a lot of nerves. It is advisable to contact an experienced expert in this field. And it would be optimal to order the desired kitchen fronts directly online ,

Furniture fronts modern design red wall color kitchen design

If you also want to exchange your kitchen fronts, we have some useful information and tips that can be very helpful. We answer questions like: What are the most commonly used materials in the production of kitchen and furniture fronts? Under which profiles can you basically choose?

How can you be sure that you have found exactly the right fronts before ordering them online?

Materials for kitchen fronts

Kitchen and furniture fronts are made of different materials. Here we would like to take a closer look at the most important ones. Every single material has its very specific properties as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

  • melamine – more precisely: melamine resin. Melamine fronts are pretty cheap, but quite robust and easy to clean. These are also highly resistant to chemicals and can hardly be scratched.
  • PVC films – very popular and often used in many kitchens. Here are the consumer quite a lot of colors and designs available. In the past, PVC films often had the disadvantage that they were easily detached from the base material. However, modern manufacturing processes ensure a higher heat resistance and higher resistance to scratches. By modern compositions, the PVC film can be firmly united with the base material.
  • Lacquer and acrylic – High gloss or matt: One can decide here between both optics. In principle, it applies: Both surfaces are very effective and high quality, and therefore relatively expensive compared to the first two variants. With a good seal this ensures optimal longevity and are easy to care for and scratch resistant.
  • Glass – Glass fronts are currently regarded as an absolute high-end product in furniture fronts. Not only do these look classy, ​​they are also extremely scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. It is the so-called toughened safety glass (ESG), which ensures a perfect gloss and can be painted in all possible colors.
  • Real or solid wood : These fronts are definitely considered the undisputed classics. The quality and processing of the wood plays an important role. Wood can also be pickled, brushed, varnished or patinated.

kitchen fronts exchange online find minimalist modern wood and acrylic

Profiles for the fronts

Depending on your own taste, you can choose from various fronts profiles. The most popular of these are: smooth fronts, fronts with bends, with facets, with frames or with cassettes. Each one of these and other profiles has its very specific character and can breathe the ambience in a certain way. For example, engraved fronts are more likely to be used Country-style furnishings preferred and smooth fronts in high gloss fit more to a modern, minimalist kitchen equipment.

kitchen design rustic country style white kitchen fronts dark gray vanity units


If you want to spice up your kitchen for a relatively small amount of money with minimal time, simply swap out the kitchen fronts. This can be done individually and certainly online. Opt for experienced manufacturers and service providers who offer quality products and value for money. Quite a lot of them at the same time provide you with a detailed expert consultation as well as an online configurator on their website, which will help you to select and combine your kitchen and furniture fronts.

Have fun thinking and combining and a good luck!

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