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Extravagant living room design for a family of musicians by Geometrix Design

Extravagant living room design yellow chef armchair

Extravagant living room design for a family of musicians by Geometrix Design

The creative team of Geometrix design has recently completed the design of a sophisticated room that serves as a salon (special living area) for a family of musicians. Here is the press release we received from the architects: “Our main tasks were: to devise a storage system for music equipment, books and other items, without making the room even narrower, to provide a place to sleep, and some rooms to secure for rehearsals and lessons.

Eccentric design – yellow executive chair in the center

Extravagant living room design general admission

We decided to break the geometry of the room so we can get rid of the usual dead-end planning. The wall with the TV was decorated with felt panels (felt is a very good soundproof material); Light local lighting was installed between the panels and the wall itself was designed in such a way as to give the impression of lightness. The color continuity can be changed with the help of an LED bar, so that the warm, restrained colors of the room can be changed at any time.

Fancy square wall mirror

extravagant design of fancy square mirror

Many colorful neon lamps – a real eye-catcher

Extravagant living room design colorful neon lamps

Extravagant and cheeky it continues in the bedroom

Extravagant living room design eccentric bedroom

Gray and yellow – living room dynamics

Extravagant design yellow armchair gray sofa

LED on the partition wall – very simple and discreet

Extravagant living room design neon lamps and led

Puzzle pattern in orange and gray – more freshness in the living area

Extravagant living room designing puzzle walls

Mirrors in the lower wall area make the room look more spacious

Extravagant design of black sofa in the background

Black concentric decoration is a perfect contrast to the white features

Extravagant living room design white variation


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