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Fabulous DIY ideas on “Olimpic Torch”

The Olympics are over soon. For many people this is the biggest sporting event this winter! The exciting finals in many disciplines are still to come. If you’ve missed a lot, you should strive to get as much of the remaining competitions as possible. To enhance your mood, you can organize a themed party or just decorate the house in a special way. Below you will find a matching DIY ideas!

Oplimpic torch can be a very simple craft idea!

a finished torch diy ideas

Inspiration for DIY ideas with torches

For those of you who are looking for DIY ideas for torches, the following guide could serve as a kind of inspiration. It is easy to realize and can also occur in different forms. So if the paper torches shown here are not exactly what you are looking for, it’s worth looking at this guide.

At the end of the talk, you will find some more ideas for DIY torches and decoration on the theme of the Olympics.

These are the materials you need for this crafting idea

diy ideas materials

The required materials

The required materials are the following:

  • 2 wide craft sticks,
  • Two mini-craft sticks,
  • craft glue
  • Craft paper in red, orange and yellow.

Good DIY ideas need good quality materials!

materials for the diy ideas

Bastelanleitungen – the Bastelstäbchen

The crafting tutorials for these and similar DIY ideas are pretty easy! Squeeze a drop of adhesive on the top of the wide craft sticks. Attach the top of the other wide sticks. The lower parts should be easily disassembled. To build the base of the torches together. At the lower ends you should put a small tinker.

With Bastellstäbchen you can always realize good DIY ideas

the cut paper ideas

The flame

Now the work with the paper starts in three different colors. Incidentally, you can also use this part of the guide for other DIY ideas with flames. The craft paper in the three colors should be cut in small pieces. We should each have a similar size to each other and remember flames. Stick each to the back of the small stick. Try to present them in such a way that they make a nice color combination.

Here are the realized great ideas with the Bastellstäbchen

Diy Ideas Two Torch Finished

Other DIY with torches and their use in practice

There are also other simple DIY ideas with Olympic torches. The flame can be made of wrapping paper or fabric. This is a great alternative if you want to achieve a sparkling effect. You can use the flames, e.g. for a party dedicated to the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Or you can organize another festival in the following weeks under this motto. DIY ideas with torches are a great wall decoration, nice idea for the table design, for the garden party in the summer. We wish you a lot of fun!

This is another very simple DIY idea with paper

diy torch made of paper olimpiade

You can make the flame out of other, shiny materials. For example, made of transparent foil.

diy ideas torch for the olimpiade

Beautiful craft ideas can be realized with few means and a lot of imagination!

diy ideas torch olimpiade

You can also use wrapping paper for this purpose!

Fabulous DIY Ideas Games

Reused materials also come into question.

Torch flame stars

Are not these great ideas for a craft party on “Olimpic Games”?

torch and wall design olimpiade

Here is a noble and abstract DIY idea for Olimpiade!

tips diy ideas olimpic games

So the DIY torches can also be used for a great decoration!

table design party diy idea

Another one of the many possible craft ideas with torches for Olimpiade!

Great idea with DIY torches

T-shirts and a DIY torch – it’s so easy to spread an olimpic mood at home!

wall decoration diy torch and tshirt


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