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Fancy Garden Plant – The beautiful fittonia

garden plant fittonie fancy plant pot beautiful deco ideas

Fittonie as a winter garden plant

The fittonia (fittonia) or also called silver net rain are typical winter garden plants. They are decorative and therefore very suitable for your garden inside or outside. Their origin is from Peru or Brazil. We know about the 15 different Fittonia species. This garden flower is very beautiful and it attracts many different connoisseurs, but also beginner gardeners, mainly with their attractive and attractive appearance.


But the truth is that we do not have any easy care garden flowers here. Realistically estimate your options according to our article. Either you renounce the care of this garden plant or imagine that you may need more than one try.

This plant could be a fancy decoration for your home

garden plant fittonien fancy leaves beautiful deco ideas

Leaves in pink color

beautiful deco plants fittonia red color

Mosaic plant with fascinating coloring of leaves

beautiful decoration fittonia plant light green red nuances


Green with pink

fittonia plant green pink leaves plant pot

Particularly difficult is their care as a winter garden plant. The reason for this are, above all, the very large leaves.

These need a consistent temperature and a lot of moisture

beautiful decoides fittonie garden plants

The flower of this plant is particularly interesting

beautiful deco fittonia plant blossom

Why do we describe fittonia as a winter garden plant? Because this plant species does not like being spiked and can not stand the cold temperatures outside …

So, home care is the only solution left

garden plant fittonie small flowerpot beautiful deco ideas

The most appropriate place

Which is the right place for this winter garden plant, we have already said more or less. But let us discuss this in more detail. The fittonia needs partial shade and the continuous sunshine should be avoided. But it should not be very dark either. As a result, the plant as such loses its elasticity and thus also its beauty. It is best to look for a suitable window with a western orientation.

The plant stands out beautifully on this light blue background

fittonia verschaffeltii beautiful decoide garden plants

The soil for fittonia

This winter garden plant is quite demanding in terms of the soil. You need a mixture that contains 1-1-1 following component – sand, garden soil and leaves. You would need to fertilize once a week.

Fittonia in a stylish plant pot

fittonie plant fancy plant pot beautiful deco ideas


You would have to keep this winter garden plant a uniform temperature that does not fall below 15 degrees.

Fresh fittonia leaves

garden plant fittonien leaves beautiful rosanuancen


All year round you should often and abundantly pour the fittonia. In winter, however, a little less.

The plant pot has a mosaic texture that combines perfectly with the leaves of the plant

garden plant beautiful decoides fittonie flowerpot


If necessary, you should always transplant the fittonia in a larger pot in spring.

Fittonia plant in brown flowerpot

garden plant fittonia light brown plant pot deco ideas


This winter garden plant can also be used for multiplying in a fairly light manner. Cut off a few pieces and place them in the ground.

Different fittonia species

fittonia plant different leaves coloring

Final notes

Here are also our concluding hints about the care of the fittonia. If you notice that the leaves are losing their life and freshness, you should water them immediately.

Combination of green and white

garden plant fittonia plant leaves mosaic-like

Combination of green and light pink

garden plant fittonia beautiful leaves mosaic

By the way, their drying is also a sign that the air in the room is very dry. Do something about it for your own health!

The Fittonie has simply fascinating leaves

garden plant garden beautiful decoration fittonien

Green flowerpot and yellow wall

beautiful deco ideas fittonia plant flowerpot

Plants are always a great decoration

beautiful decoration fittonia plant mosaic plant

In a flower pot you have combined two plant species

beautiful decorating watermelon fittonie combine


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