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Fancy lamp models bring a modern touch to your ambience

Furnishing with failed lamps

26 fancy lamps models

We all know from our own experience that investing in a lamp is a super fast way to transform the interior design. You can hardly spice up the house more gently and effectively with little resources.

Simple and elegant

fancy lamps for bedside table

Combine with other details

The first thing to watch out for is the proportions. Consider this one of the room and choose a luminaire of the appropriate size. You basically have three options.

For the first, the light can be at the level of the top edge of the headboard. Furthermore, it could be about 15 cm below it (at the height of the cushions when they are raised). In the third variant, the light can be slightly higher above the edge of the headboard.

Stylish lamps model

unusual lamps models

Of course, it is important to also think about safety. Since this light is within reach of your head, you will often reach for it with your hands. Therefore, it is important that the lamp is stable and made of a material that protects against burns.

Happy pattern

unusual models of lamps

The secrets of fine combinations in the house

Not only the light itself, but also in combination with the side table, it must of course look good. There are some important rules to follow. Above all, you have to make sure that both harmonize well with each other in terms of color and size. Now, if you buy both, go first from the size of the light. The ideal height of the lamp is between 50 and 56 centimeters. So plan correctly the size of the side table. The lamp must look good on it and there should be room for books and other accessories.

Great color selection

different colors lamps models

The right light for the room

Ultimately, you need to think carefully about what kind of lighting you need in the room. Highly recommended is the possibility of having different types of steps in lighting. So you can have a too strong or too weak light.

Cool color combination

fancy lamps color combination

metallic effect

unusual lamps red

Modern bedside lamp

unusual lamps classic

Unusual lamp shape

unusual lamps with wood and metal

Red lampshade

cool fancy lamps

Unusual shape

cool nightstand lamps

Small light

cool red lamp

Yellow bedside lamp

yellow nightstand lamp

Ideal for the bedside table

lamps unusual models

Lampshade in dark color

modern nightstand lamps

Modern lamps design

nightstand fancy lamps

Lamp body made of natural stone

nightstand lamps failed

Various lamps models – rich selection

different lamps models

metal Indicator

great lamps models

Fluorescent lamp

great bedside lamps

The bedside lamps should be the same size

different modern lamps


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