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Fancy lamps that bring nature home

fancy lamps designer lamps deco living room

Fancy lamps that bring us closer to nature

The unusual lamps are in many styles more often the rule, no exception. That’s why a complete overview within an article would simply be dubious. That is why we do not claim for that reason. But we see it as our task to introduce you to more and more new models and give your creativity a boost.

Today we have chosen as a generic term nature. We show you unusual lamps , which provide their appearance and character for more close to nature in the ambience.

Tree trunk

extraordinary lamps designer lamps fancy lamps

Tree trunk design is currently experiencing a heyday. It can not be boring anyway. For every new piece taken from nature shows an individual form that can hardly be seen anywhere else. Trees are living beings, albeit different from us. Just look at the magnificent finish you have achieved with the tree trunk lamp here! Do you notice how simple the whole thing is?

Dainty oriental flowers

designer lighting home decoration unusual lamps decoration ideas

Just look at this dainty oriental flower! She has really grown out of the wooden floor. The natural character is complemented by mysticism in a beautiful way.

Like being in an enchanted forest

Fancy lamps designer lamps exceptional lamps

The same can be said about this example. Again, mysticism and closeness to nature are combined for an unbeatable effect. But the approach is somehow Scandinavian-Western. This can be seen in the minimalism and the simple, clean lines.

Works of art made of paper

home decor designer lights fancy lamps

Paper lights that copy forms from nature one-to-one are also not uncommon at all. They create a peculiar character in any room. You can see this from here using this example. But this is a real piece of art with a contemporary and even futuristic character, right?

Or change the lamp more often?

home decoration fancy lamps exceptional lamps

With this idea, the concept of the lamps has been completely changed. You can see that instead of a lampshade you have opted for a leaf! Once it rots, you have to find a new gorgeous shape. That’s not so bad, especially if you love the exotic and the variety.

Simple and ingenious

extraordinary lamps decoration living room fancy lamps

Simple, ingenious and organic forms were most of the pieces that we have shown so far. Because that works well! Take a look at this so simply conceived piece! It looks great, right?

Tradition and nature in one

designer lamps unusual lamps exceptional lamps

Here again we see a more traditional way to approach nature. You can get it through the patterns on the fabric you’re dealing with.

Fancy lamps that imitate branches

fancy lamps designer lamps exceptional lamps

Equip also the toilet with an interesting lamp

extraordinary lamps fancy lamps designer lamps

Would you hang this model in your living room?

fancy lamps exceptional lamps designer lamps

A bedside lamp so close to nature

extraordinary lamps home decor fancy lamps

Designer lights for the living room

designer lamps unusual lamps exceptional lamps

How do you like this lamp idea?

designer lights fancy lamps home decor

Exceptional lamp with flower decoration

home decoration exceptional lamps fancy lamps

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