Farmhouse Style Trends You Need In Your Home

Farmhouse Style Trends You Need In Your Home

The peasant style is very popular this year. In fact, we can almost say that this kind of home decor has become a top favorite for many. This is mainly due to the simplicity and the captivating style feeling. There is something cozy, charming and charming at a farmhouse. At the farms, you feel right at home from the first moment. Because of this, many homes have begun to incorporate a little bit of country house decor into their current style of living. Here are a few farm trends that you need in your home to create the classic charm a farmhouse is infamous for.

gallery wall

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
A rustic gallery wall can be added throughout the house. From an uncomfortable corner to the living room. The key is to have wooden and rustic pieces that enhance the wall and your current decoration. If you work with a difficult corner, you can even undercut a bank.

Farmhouses are known to be filled with walls that offer a beautiful display. That’s where a gallery wall will be useful. The idea is to have a wall that shows many different ones that are bold and make a statement. We recommend showing this gallery wall on top of a table or desk. For the ultimate farmhouse feel.

Cozy entrance

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Usually, your entrance area is the first thing your guests will see when they enter your home. Make it an unforgettable experience by enjoying the space in a comfortable way . Prove a bench with a throw pillow and even a blanket for the perfect farmhouse twist.

Your entrance seems to be the last place you can decorate. However, your entrance should feel like an extension of your home rather than a plain hallway. Add a bench with a blanket for a cozy decor. If you want to go one step further, add a table with a few books and create a reading corner that feels comfortable.

Antique pieces

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Chic, but antique pieces that are added to your interior are perfect if you want to give your home a farmhouse feel without having to re-decorate every single part of the room. The idea is to create an extra focal point in the room by creating soft, engaging pieces that also have a hint of antiquity.

With antique pieces as part of your décor, a wealth is added to the home that overcomes trends and decorative elements. There is a timeless feeling on antique pieces. Adding them to your home décor gives your home a touch of beauty that is irreplaceable. Add antique pieces such as a clock and / or an aged mirror, these are charming yet timeless.

Wood is always good

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Your farmhouse decor does not have to stay on the inside of your home. In fact, you can take it outside and create the perfect porch decor with a wooden piece like the one above. A large wooden desk like this is versatile and can be used year-round.

Wood is one of the main elements of the country house chic. It adds warmth and still makes a statement. Take a piece of wood and do not paint it as naturally as possible. The rustic aspect of the wood feels worn and at the same time simple and trendy.

Mason jars

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Mason jars are perfectly rustic, farmhouse decor especially if you take a DIY approach to them like the ones mentioned above. Take some jars and place them in a wooden box to create a classic centerpiece that you can add to candies, flowers and / or candles for a custom display.

Exchange your vases with preserving jars. Mason glasses are versatile and chic, but they add a touch of vintage. Take everything that is enclosed in something and place it in a jar instead. The mason jar will attract your guests’ attention as soon as they discover it. You can even add flowers to accommodate your decor a little more.

Barn style breakfast nook

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
A simple breakfast nook can make a simple statement in your home. Have a bench in the square that you select to complete your breakfast to complete the look. Add a few flowers and a beautiful wooden sign or two. Integrate a rug to complete the look.

Having a place in your kitchen or dining table created especially for breakfast is pretty hip. So why not create the perfect barn-style breakfast nook. Add an aged character that appears natural to the room to complete the look. Also make sure you keep the entire breakfast area as simple and minimal as possible. This will scream Barn Chic.

Blue barn door

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Barn doors are great because they slip. That’s why they work especially well in a bedroom. You can even add a barn door to the bathroom for a farm twist that is intricate and unique, but also charming. The color blue is the perfect match, because it gives just the right color and is still rustic.

Not every wooden aspect of a home needs to be aged or with little or no color. You can use the color blue instead. The key is a powder blue or a baby blue. The lighter the shadow, the better. Take a barn door and paint it baby blue, then place it in an awkward corner or corner that needs to be spiced up. This eliminates the unpleasant feeling of the corner.

Bathroom doors with a twist

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
If you decide to use hinged doors as a bathroom door with a twist, consider not painting the door for a rustic upgrade. The natural appeal of the door gives the bathroom the rustic look you desire. You can also add wooden elements to the bathroom for a coherent look.

Not all bathroom doors are created equal. In fact, a new trend is emerging, which is to replace your bathroom door with a more modern one. Turn your bathroom door into a higher-up farm-style door that’s more barn-chic but also very stylish.

Add a wooden bench

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
A bench is rustic, and it’s the perfect complement to any dining table. The idea is to have a touch of the outside while inside. Add a simple decor to the table to keep the theme rustic and simple at the same time. Choose a wooden bench or a white one for the best results, which are also cohesive.

As mentioned above, wood is a staple in the country style. That’s why we love the idea of ​​removing your dining chairs and switching to a wooden bench. Not only children will love this idea, but also the feeling of being outside when they are inside. But at the same time they look chic, rustic and relaxed.

Smooth Panty Doors

Bauernhaus-Art-Tendenzen, die Sie in Ihrem Haus benötigen
Slim barn doors are the perfect complement to your panties. In fact, take it a step further by writing on it with white paint, this will enhance the beauty of the room and the doors, while giving a rustic appeal. Keep the doors in a dark shade for an added touch of classic barn, which is farmhouse chic.

Typically, pantry doors are simple but bulky. However, when it comes to Farmhouse Style Panty Doors, you want to upgrade those that you currently have and opt instead for a sleek look. This can be achieved by using two doors instead of one. If you do that, you will open double doors while still feeling cowboy-like.


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