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Fascinating modern decoration ideas with glass ball lamp

Would you like to achieve a significant change in your interior with just a few clicks? Especially if you are modern and at this minimalist you can achieve this goal with great lights. A glass ball lamp came in addition to its main function also serve as a great decoration. You will discover great examples and creative ideas in our article today!

Colored ball lights with subtle ornaments are popular and universal!

Glass ball lamp with great applications

In what color and texture should your glass ball lamp be?

The glass ball lamp can be made in different colors. It should not necessarily be completely transparent. The glass could be dull or have a relief. Some glass ball lights are also made in different colors. For example, these are in the picture above.

They were still provided with decent decoration. Attention: The color and texture also determine the intensity of the light in the room!

With several ball lights you make a statement quickly!

Glass ball four lamp on the ceiling

Make a statement by a larger number

If you use not just a glass ball lamp, but several lights, make a great statement! Your lighting will get something of the character of an artistic installation. In the picture above, this effect was enhanced by the mirror surface above. Incidentally, this also spreads the light in the room.

A glass ball lamp can help you to define a zone in the room

Glass ball lamp accent in the room

Effective hanging lamps

Make a statement through the unfamiliar height on which hang the pendant lights. The ball lights are particularly suitable for such experiments. Their round shape looks harmonious and that’s why even extravagant ideas come in handy. The glass ball lamp in the picture above marks together with the table below a zone within the open plan of living. So she gets an important function in the room structure. In the example under this text you have again an artistic installation of several lights, which are at different heights.

Or maybe you can playfully handle the different heights?

Glass ball lamp transparent

Decorate your shelves

Ball lights are not only suitable as hanging lamps. They continue to serve as great decorative elements for vertical surfaces. There they can be combined with many other accessories. A particularly successful and elegant design we see in the next picture!

What do you think of the shelf decoration with a glass ball lamp?

Glass ball lamp on a shelf

DIY ball lights

Ball lights are very noble and fit perfectly with many different furnishings and decoration concepts. Often it is noble or Designer items that are relatively expensive. Actually, you can do a DIY glass ball lamp yourself. The lights on the next picture are a possible idea for that.

The homemade ball lights fit wonderfully with this chic kitchen

glass ball lamp ideas

Ball lights are super universal, and they are available in a variety of designs. It’s a design idea that you can always access in case of doubt. Even bizarre concepts seem very harmonious and stylish. This is proven by all the ideas we have put together for you in this article! Take a look at these!

The glass ball lamp can also have an antique look

Glass ball lamp antique

Some ball lights have different lighting effects

Glass ball lamp base mystic

The round shape and blue color provide mysticism!

glass ball lamp blue semi-transparent

Glass ball lamp three pieces

Glass ball lamp idea for bar counter

Glass ball lamp idea for the ceiling

Can you imagine something more suitable for this industrial concept?

Glass ball lamp in an industrial context

Glass ball lamp industrial

Glass ball lamp several in different colors

glass ball lamp several great ideas

Many ball lights are ideal for the super modern style. Or for the futuristic ?!

Glass ball lamp metal great

Glass ball lamp beautiful examples

Glass ball lamp over a coffee table

Maybe you can combine ball lights in several colors and weld together their color palette?

Glass ball lamp different metals

classic glass ball lamp

glass ball lamp with painted figures on it

salt glass ball lamp zen

white glass globe lamp minimalistic


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