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Feel-good atmosphere with deco-ideas from old wood

Creative wood decoration ideas to imitate

What do you associate with the feeling of coming home? Maybe rooted? Probably comforting warmth. A real, as relaxing as possible atmosphere in which you strip off your external roles and become the person you are at heart. To create a home-like feel-good atmosphere, play furnishings, coloring . lighting concept and decoration of the apartment together. In short, the determined living style about the atmospheric qualities of your living area. As popular as the cool industrial style may have been in the past, the era of coolness seems to have come to an end. The home is again more natural, perhaps a long overdue step to make up for the cold of the technology age. Natural materials are back in. Especially wood is experiencing a true deco comeback in the 21st century. The natural material creates a better indoor climate, creates a sense of security and boosts the immune system. Because wood also affects the sympathetic nervous system, wooden furniture helps to manage stress. Blood pressure and heart rate are lowered. Natural repair functions of the body are stimulated. At the same time, attention is rising, the level of aggression is falling and creativity is increasing. With our wood deco tips, you will also benefit from the natural miracle healer.

comfortable atmosphere with deco ideas from old wood deco tips

From because of old – deco miracle rustic old wood

Old wood has history. It has already served a purpose, has lived a lifetime and tells of this life in exciting veins and tints. In the interior decoration, it creates a pleasant originality and provides stylish warmth that is reminiscent of rural life. Especially in the country house style decorating ideas from old wood fit in excellently.

Picture frames made of old wood give your photos firm roots.

Old-wood framing acts as an eye-catcher and draw the eyes of your visitors directly to particularly memorable photos. Do not frighten in front of frame with a certain strength. If you own an oven, it is best to place the framed pictures near the oven or even on the stove.

With old wood shelves back to nature

Back to more naturalness, that could be a guiding principle of our century. Nature bond makes you happy. Spaced mounted rule boards made of old wood are almost a small piece of luck. You will feel like sitting in the middle of nature next to tree trunks. This modesty can be salutary.

With old wood on the wall. Relaxation in the hand

In the living room or bedroom, a wall cladding made of old wood can be a visual eye-catcher with style, which helps you to relax after hard days working. Beware in extremely small rooms: here wooden wall coverings seem too tight. Dainty wooden furnishings are more appropriate for small rooms.

Firm hold with retaining walls made of reclaimed wood

Support walls for garments and other items create order indoors and outdoors. Alto-wood support stands and walls in the bathroom, for example, provide grounding for daily personal hygiene and make you forget the cool atmosphere of bathroom tiles with their warmth in no time at all.

Weigh knickknacks in cribs

Who would have guessed: Christmas cribs do not have to wait in the cellar year after year for their employment. Instead of having a dull existence in the store room, larger cribs can be turned into bowls the rest of the year. Every household has its own bells and whistles: keys, make-up or pencils. All of it can be rocked in cribs. So the small parts are stowed and packed atmospherically. Who else ornate wooden crib figures owns, creates a more beautiful picture.


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