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Feng Shui colors for more harmony and balance in your home

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Feng Shui colors for your home

Home furnishings according to the Feng Shui rules require great attention to every detail. Following the Feng Shui philosophy, the colors in our home help us create perfect balance and harmony. The different colors convey different messages.

Depending on their position in the room, they have different effects on us. In today’s article we want to take a closer look at the most popular colors and discuss their impact in our home on the Fang Shui rules.

Feng Shui Colors – White

room design feng shui colors feng shui living room

The color white symbolizes innocence and purity. It is considered a symbol of the new beginning and the wisdom. The white can be used anywhere in your home, but this color has a stronger impact in a west or northwest location. It is recommended to use the white color also in rooms with bright colors, so that an energy balance is achieved.

The black color

office furniture feng shui colors color ideas

Black is a strong color. It provides drama and depth in the room. The color black is still associated with the mystery. Avoid this color in the nursery and in the kitchen design. It is perfect for rooms with a location to the north and east. As a decorative color, you can introduce the color black into the office furniture as it is believed to promote professional development.

Feng Shui Colors – Red

feng shui set up feng shui colors room design

Red symbolizes the fire. It is also a strong color as it can have an impact on human physics. The red color radiates energy, enthusiasm and even pleasure. It is ideal for the kitchen, the dining and living room, because it stimulates the appetite. Slightly better use this color in the zones that have an eastern, western and southeastern location.

The color blue

room design feng shui colors office decor ideas

Blue is the color of peace, tranquility and silence. You connect them to the water element. In a position to the east it improves the health and ensures family peace. In the south-east direction you lead the blue color as a symbol of wealth and success. It is recommended as a decoration for the office or for the nursery. In the bedroom, she ensures a good night’s sleep. In combination with white, the blue color attracts happiness.

Green as Feng Shui color

feng shui colors coloring living room interior design

The green is associated with rebirth and renewal. This color is associated with new energy flows and the vibrations of nature. According to the Feng Shui rules, the green color positively affects our health and has a calming effect. But to achieve this effect, you should use three nuances of the green. Avoid them in residential areas that go north. Otherwise you can use this color anywhere in the apartment.


living room set up feng shui colors feng shui living room

Yellow is a symbol of light and the sun. This is a cheerful color, it radiates positive energy and creates a cheerful mood. The yellow apartment decoration creates a cozy atmosphere and makes the rooms look brighter. It is also known that yellow increases self-esteem and self-esteem. This color is ideal for the children’s, living room and kitchen. In rooms with a southwestern orientation, the yellow color ensures a stable marriage and a good reputation.

Feng Shui colors – pink

feng shui colors coloring bedroom room design

Rosa is considered the color of love. Therefore, the introduction of this color in the bedroom is logical. But you can easily use the pink in the other areas of your home. It has the ability to moderate the energy of strong and dramatic colors. Rosa works well on our psyche, but you should not exaggerate it, because then you run the risk, you feel in a pink world and live only with your illusions.

Feng Shui colors – purity and passion in the bedroom

decorating bedroom decorate feng shui colors room

A dramatic living room furniture

furnishing ideas feng shui colors coloring living room

Peaceful living room with blue wall design

color design living room feng shui colors room design

Feng Shui colors – sunny yellow for the bedroom

feng shui colors color design ideas room design

Would you furnish your kitchen in white-green?

kitchen set up color ideas feng shui colors

The blue color in the bedroom ensures a good night’s sleep

bedroom color feng shui colors room design

The color pink is very suitable for the bedroom

wall decoration bedroom feng shui colors bedroom furnishings

The white interior can be perfectly combined with all other colors

home decor feng shui colors home decor living room

Appetite stimulating red

set up kitchen feng shui colors color ideas

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