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Feng Shui Nursery – some rules you should know!

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So you have to design the nursery according to the Feng Shui principles

Children are intuitive and have less developed protective mechanisms than adults. Because of this they are taking up the world more intensively. It is all the more important for them in what kind of environment they grow up and develop themselves as personalities.

Have you provided the right energy in creating children’s rooms there? If not, you might want to do something about it, right? Draw inspiration and ideas from the Feng Shui principles.

Feng Shui Nursery – The right room design

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Before designing the nursery you should still very well consider the location of the child’s room. Under no circumstances should it be near the entrance of the house. Also, it should not be completely removed from the master bedroom.

As far as orientation is concerned, according to Feng Shui experts, this should be best south. Thus you promote the growth of the little ones.

Size and shape of the nursery

children's room colors feng shui children's room children's room set up

It goes without saying that the nursery should be smaller than this one of the parents. As far as the shape is concerned, the longest rectangular is the most appropriate in this case. This brings much more dynamics with it. In contrast, the square shape is much too static and thus not particularly beneficial for growth.

Positioning from the cot

feng shui children's room children's room furniture children's room colors

In a Feng Shui children’s room, the positioning of the cot is like in the bedroom of the parents. Exceptions are the variants in which there are more than one. None of the beds can be directly opposite the door. Fitting would be the diagonal orientation and as far away from the entrance as possible.

If you design a room for two children, then the Feng Shui rule says the following: the children must sleep in two separate beds and not in a larger one. The two beds should not be placed opposite each other. This could lead to enmity between the two children.

Do without a room divider

children's room design feng shui children's room children's room set up

The entanglements in a nursery are to be avoided according to Feng Shui rules rather. Find another way for zoning. For the energy to flow freely, the room should feel as wide and wide as it gets.

Choose the right strategy for distribution in zones

divide up feng shui nursery children's room

Die Feng Shui Kinderzimmer-Gestaltung sieht auch das Unterteilen des Raums in verschiedene Zonen. Mindestens drei müssten sie sein – eine fürs Spielen, eine zum Lernen, und natürlich – eine zum Schlafen.

Diese müssen sehr klar definiert werden und sich deutlich voneinander unterscheiden. Nur so vermischen sich deren Energien und alle Handlungen, die vorgenommen werden, klappen auch effektiv und gut.

The choice of colors

nursery furnishing ideas feng shui nursery furnishing tips

According to the Feng Shui Nursery design rules, in the room of the very young children, one should choose nuances that are peaceful and soothing. The first few years you should leave it at that. If you have a girl, then opt for warm colors. The boys suit the male nuances. Such are from the blue color palette.

As soon as the child is more independent, bright colors are needed again. They bring more energy into the room and help a teenager to be more alive and energetic. Depending on the character of your child, you can decide to what extent the bright colors in your interior dominate or not.

As a balance to the strong colors wonderfully serve the gentle and clear forms.

Feng Shui Nursery design rules that help remove the negative energy.

furnishing tips feng shui nursery room design

Do not forget that the energy is all around us and circulating. This process must not be blocked, otherwise the mood will be very negative. Remove the unnecessary items from the nursery in a timely manner and teach the baby to do the same themselves.

Make for a colorful and colorful nursery design

furnishing tips nursery feng shui nursery

Feng Shui nursery for two girls

children's room set up feng shui children's room children's room wall colors

Put garish accents in the youth room

color palette children's room feng shui children's room children's room set up

A practical and calming nursery set according to the Feng Shui rules

children's room colors children's room set up feng shui children's room

Which Feng Shui color would you choose for the nursery?

set up feng shui colors feng shui nursery room

Wallpaper ideas for the nursery

children's room decorate children's room colors feng shui children's room


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