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Fennel – healthy vegetables, hot spice or medicinal plant?

Fennel is available at the vegetable market most of the year, not in large quantities, but it is here! Some customers pass by the stand uninterested and / or even bored, while others are simply thrilled with this fresh vegetable and like to buy it. Yes, exactly who has enough knowledge about the fennel, also appreciates its healthy properties. But those who are not well informed about it, hovering in his feelings to the fennel and they range from high fascination to total negation. Today we want to break this vicious circle and initiate you into the mysterious world of this strange vegetable. Here you can find out a lot of interesting facts about the origin of fennel, its healthy ingredients and its use in the kitchen. Stay tuned and let yourself be surprised!

This is how the fennel looks when raw

Genuine fennel in raw condition on a rustic surface

  • From wild fennel to super vegetables

Surely you have already become curious and would like to trace the origin of the fennel. Foeniculum vulgare is counted among celeriac, celery, parsley and carrot. His original form was the wild fennel, which originally comes from Asia Minor. From there he was later taken to Europe, South America and the Far East.

In the Mediterranean, the plant is very common today. There, the aromatic vegetables were still highly valued in ancient times as a medicinal plant and hot spice. One knew the good effect of the fennel tea against coughing irritation, bloating and other indigestion. These vegetables have even magical effect attributed. The ancient Greeks wore fennel wreaths around their neck as they participated in religious mystery plays. In the Middle Ages it was even believed that fennel could have protected people from evil forces. At that time, the leaves of vegetables were hung around door frames.

The fennel in ancient times even magical effects were attributed

Fennel the tuber short stalks dill similar green

Since antiquity, a fennel tea has been prepared for gastrointestinal complaints

Fennel seeds to prepare fennel tea to cure gastrointestinal complaints

Interesting today is the fact that the whole fennel plant is usable. From the flowers syrup is obtained and with it you can also sweeten the tea. Fennel tea is made with the seeds and this helps with cough and stomach upset. Fennel is also consumed in raw form. The tuber is cut and eaten as a salad with olive oil, salt and lemon juice. In Mediterranean cuisine, fennel is used for many species of fish and seafood, but also as an ingredient in pasta such as pizza and pasta. In Italy today it is particularly popular as a spice, where it is called angel spice (la spezia degli angeli).

The fennel secret is now revealed

Fennel tuber white-greenish short stems fennel green

  • Why is fennel so healthy?

Some readers may feel confused – what exactly is fennel? An important medicinal plant, hot spice or healthy vegetables? We’ll solve the mystery and say – all in one! It all depends on which part of the plant you want to use and for what purpose, of course. Generally one distinguishes between fennel tubers, stems and fruits or also called seeds. The tuber is not very large (up to 400 g in weight), white to light green colored and layered like an onion. Then follow the green stems, which carry a dill-like green. The vegetables have strong aroma and intense taste depending on the dill and anise. It is absolutely low in calories, so it is fondly used as fresh vegetables in salads for weight loss.

Fennel – low-calorie, but nutritious, also baked in the oven!

Sliced ​​fennel with chopped pepper spices ingredients ready for baking

Fennel has another important advantage: it is nutritious and therefore very healthy! The fennel tuber contains important minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron, but also vitamins A, B and C and a lot of folic acid. The aniseed taste is due to the contained essential oil. This oil is mainly concentrated in the fennel fruits. Surely the fennel tea is already a term for you, right? This tea helps with gastrointestinal discomfort, relieves flatulence and bloating. In order to intensify the tea effect you combine fennel seeds with aniseed and caraway seeds during the preparation and get a really healing hot drink. This can also help a lot with colds, coughs and colds.

Not just a food, but also a medicinal plant.

Fennel not only a healthy vegetable but also a medicinal plant

  • Fennel brings a Mediterranean flair to the kitchen

As already mentioned, fennel is widely used in Mediterranean cuisine and is often combined with other vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and olives. In its raw state, it goes well with different salads. Tubers and stems are washed well and then cut into thin slices. Such a salad is not only healthy, it lets the pounds tumble! Fennel is used more and more in the preparation of fruit salads and smoothies, because this miracle plant can be combined with everything. You can also finely chop the fennel green and use it as a spice. It has an intense aroma, yet it refines every dish. Fennel can be cooked and served as a side dish to meat or fish. Risotto without fennel does not taste Italian. The vegetables still go well with vegetarian pizzas and give them a particularly fine flavor. It can also be found in spirits like absinthe. His strong taste is and always will be unmistakable!

Now you can use fennel in your kitchen, right?

Fennel is combined with parsley in salad

Sliced ​​fennel tuber with parsley in a salad

Fresh fennel salad with walnuts, zucchinis and spearmint leaves and lemon pieces

Fresh fennel salad with walnuts Zucchinis spearmint leaves Lemon pieces

From these products every housewife can quickly prepare a healthy salad

Fennel salad with mango

Fennel is a true medicinal plant with wide use in the kitchen

Fennel tuber medicinal plant wide use in the kitchen

Essential oil is extracted from this plant

Fennel medicinal plant essential oil here in bottle

The fennel seeds were known in antiquity as a remedy and aromatic spice

Fennel seed remedies in ancient aromatic seasoning

From the fennel seeds you prepare a strong fragrant and healing tea

Fennel seeds for a fragrant healing tea

All parts of the medicinal plant are edible



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