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Find matching light switches and sockets with a modern design

Are you about to renovate or refurbish your home or apartment building? The light switches and sockets sound like the last detail, right? That would have to be quite simple – what should you think about? That’s how you always think first. However, if you research a bit on the Internet or in the specialized hardware stores, you will discover a great variety of these at first glance insignificant details. Modern light switches and sockets are available in different styles and can be very noticeable. Should one use this diversity and enrich one’s own home? Or do you rather take something simple and bring the subject quickly off the table? If you are more inclined to the first option, then the next few tips will be very helpful.

Lean back, read our article and formulate your criteria based on our suggestions!

Light switch or retro doorbell?

Light switch modern creative living ideas

Light switches and sockets: safety and easy handling

If you look at the many different designs of the light switches and sockets, then at some point their functionality could get into the background. We are all aware that this is no joke: handling electricity can be dangerous. Especially if you have toddlers and pets at home, the safety Your main concern in this selection pose.


Under the offers, sort out those that meet your own safety rules. Now you can turn to the design aspect of the topic!

Fancy light switch design with an owl

creative home design

What role do the sockets and light switches play in your design?

How exactly should the light switches and sockets inscribe themselves into your design? If you have decided on a uniform style, then of course they have to suit him. But maybe your apartment has one eclectic design and you want to increase the presence of one or the other style through light switches and other details. Or you can use it to introduce a whole new aspect.

This light switch fits perfectly with the style of the wall design

Light switch modern design creative living ideas
The same applies to the choice of color! Decide for yourself whether the power accessories with your wall design looks uniform or accentuates. Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to a current trend. However, this is not really surprising given the general development of interior design in recent years. Just as in the decoration, the retro and industrial design is very much in demand with the switches as well. There are many playful, crazy ideas. Especially with the industrial light switches the surprise factor is often very strongly represented. There are models that most of us only know from documentary films from earlier times!

Finally, you should consider whether all light switches look the same or show different styles under them.

This design is at the same time elegant, playful and funny

Light switch sockets modern creative living ideas

DIY and other creative ideas

What have actually people in mind, the unusual and original light switches and sockets create? The main message could probably be formulated as follows: Away with boredom! Unfold your imagination even when choosing the details!

The investment does not have to be expensive. There are also great DIY projects! Even with these, the accessories can look very modern, because the custom-made design becomes more and more topical with every passing year.

Light switch modern design

creative living ideas outlets modern

creative living ideas

Light switch modern design

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