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Five fairytale themes for creative pottery ideas and garden ceramics

The modern garden is usually minimalist. In addition, it has much more in common with our interior design in comparison to previous garden designs. All this has many consequences and one of them is that the details in the garden play an increasingly important role. This also applies to the pottery ideas and the garden ceramics. It can enrich the garden with a new aesthetic and stylistic aspect. Our five topics give you clues as to which direction you can go.

Use pots and garden ceramics to turn part of the virtual world into reality

game of thrones garden pottery pottery ideas

The traditional garden gnomes

In a modern garden you can set accents with a few traditional details. Due to the contrast, they are wonderfully effective. The traditional garden gnomes are a wonderful topic in this case. You have a lot Travel for your creativity , You can also influence the mood in a sense.

With a serious looking garden gnome maybe bring yourself to think and with a funny – to laugh.

The turtles in the garden can also be decorative

turtles potters for the garden

The garden is space for various animals

The animal figures are another popular topic for pottery ideas. They are also natural. After all, what is a beautiful, beautiful garden if the fauna is not represented there? But if the real animals are unwanted or simply not there, you can also consider this variant …

The garden ceramics can draw inspiration from modern art

modern art garden ceramics

Ornate pottery ideas

The modern sculpture has a natural place in modern garden design. The use of garden figures, however, is quite expensive in many ways. But that does not mean that they should completely renounce them. These can be represented there by small artistic, partly abstract pottery ideas or garden ceramics.

Garden ceramics sometimes combine the serious with the playful

frog figure gardening ceramic

Spread a Zen mood

The garden is a place for relaxation. He has a very special place in Eastern philosophy. In the Asian garden design attempts by certain measures, rules, but also by Buddhist sculptures to achieve perfect harmony outside. At least part of this Zen mood can be brought home by integrating small pottery ideas in this style into your own garden. This garden ceramics sets elaborate colored accents and captivates the view!

birds figures garden ceramics

The different pottery ideas from the perspective of garden design

When choosing the topics of pottery ideas, you can also use the critical questions as a starting point. In some of these, the color variety prevails and others appear very monochrome. Depending on whether the characters are more likely to write in the background or have to serve as accents, one or the other theme might be appropriate. Do not forget that the pottery ideas are a great way to bring more color into the wintry garden.
It is very important that you strategically think about pottery ideas when choosing a specific topic! Because these seemingly small details are decisive for whether you feel comfortable in your garden or not. We wish you much success.

Minimalism and exoticism are paired in this garden ceramics

budha figures garden ceramics

The exotic garden ceramics can also be found in the modern garden

elephant pottery gardening pottery

Pottery ideas with funny characters spread good mood in the garden

ceramic garden ideas cats with umbrella

Garden gnomes are traditional for the garden, but also fit with modern concepts

gartenzwerg-garden ceramic-ideas

A little dog as a potter idea

dog gardening pottery

Pottery ideas for the apartment

kitten gardening pottery ideas

Succulent-wearing cat figure

cat pottery idea gardening pottery

This cat figure can be described as a high applied art

lying cat pottery ideas

Serious or playful? How do you like this garden sculpture?

smoking garden gnome pottery ideas

These pottery ideas are suitable for the garden as well as for the home

animal figures pottery garden ceramics

Such figures in the garden will certainly provide positive emotions

potter for the garden couple figurines

Bring the exotic into the garden!

pottery ideas - exotic motifs

Such a garden ceramic figure makes the atmosphere friendly

pottery gardening ceramic dwarf


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