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Floor lamps pep up interiors with great nuances

lamp red lampshade metal base

Floor lamps in interior design – inspiring ideas

That Floor lamps we can already see different nuances. How varied are the approaches by which this happens exactly – of which only a few are aware.

The design combines tradition and modernity at the same time

lamps designs colored lampshade pink

Set black and red floor lamp symmetrically

modern floor lamps red black

That’s exactly the genius of many colored Floor lamps , They provide variety and colorful spice up in a very subtle and barely noticeable way. Yes, we know … you need pictures and some comments to understand what we mean. Here they are!

Huge floor lamp, yes?

floor lamp yellow design chair

Monochrome lamps

Absolutely white and even shiny surfaces. We already know that from many households. Well, what is the best way to do that? You can combine them with a colored and or even more shiny central piece. That’s exactly what happened here.

A completely yellow light with a glossy surface, which is otherwise normal, perfectly fulfills the goal here

lamps design yellow fresh

Inside full of color

Here you have a completely different example. Firstly, the various basic elements of the luminaire have been interpreted completely innovatively. In addition it comes that the inside in garish orange acts as an unbelievable surprise. The effect of the lights has a clearly decorative purpose.

Whether you can benefit from it while working well?

lamps design white orange

Floor lamp design inspired by retro motive

Do you know this model of Floor lamps ? They are also very modern and popular lately. But do they remind you of something? Can you feel their retro charm? We think that some designers have missed the old lights with tripod.

They are not completely gone, but in the form of great floor lamps they celebrate their comeback!

lamps design modern wood

Here are two great models. With their colors, fabrics, but also with the design, you would provide for exactly the right contrast in the industrially designed room. The semantic reference is there, as explained above – floor lamps of this kind go back to the work spaces of the photographers.

Combining with a colored carpet like this is also a great tip

floor lamps design modern attractive

Here, on the other hand, the texture of the lampshade ensures a very warm atmosphere in the room.

Exactly matching the furniture made of wood and the generally rather luxurious features

floor lamps design living room interior

A luxurious appearance in the living room

luxurious floor lamp design living room

Metal floor lamp

floor lamps design modern sofa

The floor lamp looks over the black sofa …

floor lamps designs black sofa

Elegant interior addition

floor lamps design living room sofa black carpet

Red floor lamp

living room cowhide carpet red floor lamp beige sofa

Create a cozy ambience

floor lamps designs light gray furniture


floor lamps designs orange green


floor lamps design living room sofa stool

Black design

floor lamps gray carpet living room


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