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Flooring Kitchen – the chess pattern as a classic from ancient times

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Unique flooring kitchen with chess patterns

Chess patterns as flooring for the kitchen may not be too big news. Maybe some of you already have one at home. That’s not surprising. Chess pattern flooring can also be part of a classic, as well as a retro outfit.

He finds a place in many different styles. His popularity is not there recently.

This has a lot to do with the popularity of black and white and the monochrome combination of the two colors. The charisma which one achieves thereby is on the one hand classic and lifted. At the same time, it never seems too boring and monotonous. Even that ensures a very dynamic character of the interior.

Many different rooms can be occupied with it

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One can integrate this pattern in many different types of premises. As a floor covering for the kitchen, he is very popular. It can create the most diverse kind of mood. It can be formal, stylish, relaxed or somehow closed. It just depends on the rest of the facility. Such a kitchen flooring is simply very neutral and you can afford a lot through him.

Something more to the history of kitchen flooring in chess patterns


The culmination of this type of flooring for the kitchen was in the 1950s. At that time, however, mainly bolder colors were used. The materials used in this period were marble, terracotta and clay. The inspiration for the wide use of this pattern was the discoveries of past eras.

Over time, the black and white color design established. You always had a border and a diamond motif.

The usual materials

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First, marble and monocottura were used for the elaboration of chess tiles. Also some specific types of clay were used. This execution was typical above all for the historical buildings. With the collapse of the 20th century, other materials were discovered that were used for the use of chess flooring. That was linoleum and Vynil.

These two have also contributed greatly to its increased popularity because they are very easy to install. In addition, one could make of these materials chess flooring for the kitchen in almost any color. Both materials have remained very popular to this day.

Marble, ceramics and porcelain also took a worthy place in the production of tiles.

The different variations of chess flooring for the kitchen

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Chess Pattern Flooring in the kitchen is one of the most minimalist variants imaginable in any interior design. At the same time, one is able to achieve an incredible variety within this pattern.

For example, you can choose a more horizontal or vertical alignment. Chess flooring can also cover a diagonal and irregular area wonderfully.

Useful tips

kitchen flooring kitchen set up flooring kitchen

Here are some useful tips to keep in mind when laying out chess kitchen flooring. If you want a more formal and upscale look, then you should opt for fine materials like marble.

Do not forget that you should always be very practical with a kitchen floor covering. You have to opt for darker nuances, where the dirt is not too strong to recognize.

Of course you can and should opt for the rest of the kitchen furniture for colors and nuances, which correspond well with these of the soil. But they should have different nuances.

A bright retro kitchen unit with chess pattern floor

flooring kitchen kitchen set up home decor

As a floor covering, the chess pattern is also an excellent idea for other rooms

interior design flooring kitchen ideas flooring

Flooring Kitchen – An idea made of cork that matches the color of the kitchen furniture

floor ideas flooring kitchen interior design kitchen

The chess pattern flooring is the highlight in the kitchen

interior design kitchen flooring kitchen kitchen set up

The choice of materials and colors for the kitchen floor covering is huge today

kitchen equipment ideas flooring kitchen chess pattern kitchen flooring

Set up the country kitchen with a not so intrusive flooring

flooring kitchen chess floor kitchen set up

Flooring Kitchen – The black-and-white checkerboard floor looks a bit dramatic in every room

kitchen ideas kitchen set up flooring kitchen

Would you like to furnish your bathroom in retro style? This is an example as a suggestion!

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