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Flower box for balcony – Transform your balcony into a garden

small balcony colored flowers flower box white

Flower box on the balcony – Simple elegant designs

You want to design a balcony garden, but you have little space? The solution is matching flower boxes that allow enough free space to move. Because too many plant pots on the ground, e.g. will certainly complicate the free movement on the balcony.

Hanging teams would be useful in this case, but today it’s about flower boxes for the balcony.

White flower box with colorful flowers. Such a thing would be a great decoration, right?

balcony shape plants white flower box

Oranger flower box with colored plant pots in it

balcony flower box orange flower box colored flower pots

In our Planter balcony Gallery we have collected very different models that will fit different balcony designs. These flower boxes are just as well suited to windows, which can beautify them very great. In some cases the flower boxes are placed on the ground, in others fixed by special holders on the balcony railing. It depends on the space you have.

Elegant wooden flower boxes on the balcony floor

balcony design flower box design wood

Very elegant, do not you think?

flower box balcony terrace dark elegant design

The planters could then attach you to the inside or on the outside. It always depends on the effect you want to achieve. If you achieve a fairytale planting of the balcony so that your balcony attracts the attention of all passers-by, then put it on the outside of the balcony. And in case you want to enjoy the beauty of plants every time you go to the balcony, then you should attach the flower boxes to the inner side of the railing. To complete the pleasant atmosphere, add a small balcony table with chairs!

Long design in dark brown

balcony ideas plant flower box design

Beautiful white flower box, attached to the inner side of the railing

balcony flower box design white elegant

Beautiful modern flower boxes in white

balcony ideas flowers flower box white design

Modern wooden planter

flower box balcony design wood elegant

Balcony with flower boxes and folding table with flowerpot above

small balcony balcony table foldable flower box plants

A design that stands on both sides of the railing

flower box balcony functional design flowers

Balcony with rich plants

balcony shape terrace plants flower box outdoor furniture

Nice balcony shape

balcony ideas round balcony plant flora flower box

Planters in brown shades

balcony plants flower box folding table

Brown flowerpot placed on the wooden railing

flowers balcony flower box brown design wooden railing

Simple balcony design with flower boxes

flower box balcony balcony table chairs small balcony

Brown plant pots and black railings contrast well with each other

flower box balcony planting white facade

Brown planters with white holder

flower box balcony plant beautiful living ideas

Compact design

flower box balcony plant white railing

Do you see the difference to the above example in the attachment of the planter?

flower box balcony beautiful living room exterior roses

Refresh your balcony or terrace with beautiful plants in elegant flower boxes

flower box design white balcony terrace

Flowers make the balcony more beautiful

balcony garden flowers flower box exterieur

Nice contrast between the planter and the house facade

flower box white design planting window decorating

White planters with black holder

terrace balcony flower box design plants

Elegant dark brown planters

terrace plants dark brown flower boxes outdoor furniture

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