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Flower vases decoration – a tasteful way to decorate the apartment!

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The importance of modern flower vases as decoration

The vases and the decoration have always been two themes that could not be separated. They have not lost in importance despite the minimalist tendency and the focus on functionality in interior design. Would not it be interesting to find out why?

Flower Vases Deco – The flowers in the center of the show

deco vase glass vase deco

Our stressful everyday lives and the need to be able to handle them have helped us identify the essential things in life more easily. The closeness to nature is clearly one of these. The flowers are a great way to reach them. Their presence, smell, forms have a therapeutic effect. We do not want to do without these. On the contrary, we have always found newer ways to incorporate vertical gardens into our kitchens and other spaces.

The new role of the flower vase

decoration vase dekoideen flat flower vase deco

The flower vase is still a decoration, but it also has a very specific task in the context just described. It imitates the organic forms of the flowers. So these are not simply stressed visually. Their energy and effect are more effective. This applies to all styles and variations. Even retro-looking vases are made to have an emphasizing and subordinate role through appropriate arrangements and corresponding elements. The unspoken rule is that both elements should not compete with each other.

The high design

vases deco glass vase decorative vase

Many of the great designers actually like to make vases. As an example, today we can present you the collection Kartell by ShineYou Shane. Even with prominent names like Philippe Starck, Mario Bellini (Shanghai), Christoph Pile and Taha Hadid you can find many great examples. The latter has created the masterful collection Lalique.

Bellini (Shanghai)

glass vases flower vases decor deco vase deco ideas

All materials and all forms

flat decorating flower vase decor deco vase

The innovative technologies have also made it possible for the flower vases to decorate any ambience as a decoration. It’s because you can use many materials and shapes. Add to that the love for reused materials. These increasingly determine the look of modern vases.

Choose deco vases to match your decor

deco decoration deco vase decorate vases deco vases

White ceramic vases with different design

vases decorate flower vases decor deco flat

Combine flower vases of different sizes

deco ideas flat flower vases deco decoration vase

How would you decorate these golden vases?

decoration living room flower vase decor deco vase

Deco vases in silver

vase decorate vase silver flower vase deco

Simple yet interesting design

deco vase vase deco decor living room

Put contrasts in the living room

deco living room decor vase vase deco

Which color and size would you choose?

ceramic vases flower vases decor deco vase

Showcase your flower vases

decor vase deco living room flower vase deco

Beautiful flower vase deco in silver

vase silver flower vases decoration deco flat


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