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Four-poster bed in the spotlight: 20 ideas for a romantic bedroom design

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Do you dream of a cozy and romantic bedroom? Then what do you think of a four-poster bed? As this type of mattress is incredibly modern today, we’re introducing you to 20 cool four-poster bed design ideas that you would fall in love with! Please take a look at the photos in our photo gallery, and let yourself be inspired!

Four-poster bed in the bedroom for sweet dreams

Himmelbett modern

The four-poster bed is a good idea not only for the children’s room or the baroque style bedroom. Four-poster beds look just beautiful and instantly catch the eye. The bed canopy also has a practical function – it can protect you from mosquitoes and other insects. The bed also ensures more privacy. Lying there creates the feeling that you are alone with your partner in the whole world. Try it out yourself to see for yourself.

Modern design ideas and suggestions

Himmelbett mit Vorhängen

The four-poster bed invites you to dream – that is why it is a perfect idea for children’s and baby rooms. But it also looks very stylish in the adult’s bedroom. Our photos are examples of this. Also, four-poster beds are not much more expensive compared to the classic ones. It is also possible to make the frame for the canopy yourself. It’s not a difficult task, even if you are not skilled in the craft. Usually, the frame is made of wooden slats. Sewing the canopy yourself is also very easy. You can opt for a lightweight fabric like cotton or make it with an elegant and see-through one like silk. If you don’t like sewing, you can also buy ready-made curtains and use them.

It is important to measure the room’s height in advance to determine whether the four-poster bed is suitable for your bedroom. Also, make a sketch and mark the pendant light on it to ensure it won’t interfere. An online room planner can help.

Bett auswählen Ideen

Barock Schlafzimmer Himmelbett

Himmelbett mit Holzgestell

prachtvolles Bett in Weiß

Vorhänge statt Betthimmel

Himmelbett Vintage Look

Himmelbett weiß romantischer Look

Himmelbett selber gestalten

Bettvorhang weiß toller Look

Schlafzimmer mit Himmelbett cool

Bett quadratisches Gestell Holz

Bett romantisch Holzgestell Betthimmel

Bett mit massivem Holzgestell

Himmelbett bequem stilvoll

Himmelbett aus Holz

romantisches Himmelbett weiße Vorhänge

Schlafzimmer im Barock Stil

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