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Fresh eclectic living room ideas for true connoisseurs

Living room ideas in eclectic style

The eclecticism in the interior is a solution that more daring and daring people dare. This style gives us the freedom to combine different colors, fabrics and materials. The chaotic appearance is the real charm of this interior design style. The avant-garde and individuality of the elements that you choose for their eclectic interior are the guarantee of a good end result.

The living room ideas in this style are not enough. But we have chosen a beautiful and sunny apartment in San Paolu, Brazil, which we would like to show you as an example and inspiring idea. The project is from the year 2015 and the design is designed by the professionals from Architects RSRG. On a living space of 109 square meters we see a symbiosis of colors, materials and unusual combinations.

Living room ideas for a really fresh eclectic interior

furnishing tips living room ideas interior design ideas

In the first place you notice the open plan of the room and the overflowing rooms. The combination of living room, dining room and kitchen allows for a lighter perception of the combination of stylish colors and rich variety of materials. In this part of the apartment are ceramic, glass, wood, cement, marble and metal present and quite skillfully combined with an exotic vegetation.

The leather chairs in unusual shape and the colorful pictures, leaning against the wall, are an important part of the interior eclectic.

A special contribution to the beautiful look of the apartment makes the flooding sunlight that comes in through the large windows.

Matching different elements perfectly

eclectic room design ideas furnishing tips

The bare concrete columns are in absolute balance with the dark green construction of the kitchen island. The tubular barstools complete the contemporary metal-colored refrigerator, the extractor fan and the oven. The pendant lights have a retro look with simple and oval shapes.

The color scheme and the decorative elements

interior design ideas room design ideas


Gray-white walls, ceiling and floor covering in the same color allow the use of bright and bold colors in the room. The good arrangement of the elements and the absence of unnecessary kitsch on the selected accents is the key to success for this fresh eclectic apartment.

Particularly effective is the “teen corner” in the living room designed. The protective helmets, the skateboards and the tennis rackets on the wall as well as the chair in front with its unique, heart-shaped backrest are an exuberant decorative solution.

Living room ideas – eclectic in the bedroom

bedroom design room design ideas eclectic

The brick walls, the wooden floor and the retro headboard of the bedroom bed are in complete harmony with the cotton sheets and the modern bedside table.

The bathroom is simple and practical. White background with colored accents on the floor and walls. Again, plants are abundantly present.

Living room in eclectic style – the easiest way to live colorful!

Make colored accents in the bathroom

bathroom decor eclectic housing ideas

A special contribution to the beautiful look of the apartment makes the flooding sunlight

living room inspiration ideas of living eclectic

Living Room Ideas – Find furniture with unusual shapes

interior design ideas eclectic living space ideas

A harmoniously furnished bedroom as an example

furnishing tips room design ideas living space ideas

Look for the decorative items tastefully

interior design ideas interior design ideas

Living Room Ideas – Combine different materials in an eclectic way

eclectic living room interior decorating ideas

The eclecticism of the interior is a solution that more artistic and brave people can trust

room design ideas living room inspiration

The indoor plants not only provide more liveliness, but also add a fresh green touch to the interior

interior design ideas housing ideas eclectic

wall design living room interior design ideas

Living Room Ideas – Bathroom design ideas in eclectic style

living room ideas furnishing tips room design ideas

The good arrangement of the elements and the absence of superfluous kitsch are the keys to success

home interior ideas eclectic interior design ideas

The chaotic appearance is the real charm of this interior design style

home interior design ideas eclectic

Gray-white walls, ceiling and flooring in the same color make it possible to use bright and bold colors

home interior design ideas interior decorating ideas

living room ideas bedroom interior design ideas


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