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Fresh kitchen spices for a natural setting

to grow bright kitchen for spices

Kitchen spices to create a small garden in the kitchen

The culinary plants spoil us with their taste as well as with the great scents that they spread. In addition, they have a very high decorative value. It can be said that in many cases they do not look worse than other plant species.

So why waste effort, time and space! Integrate decorative as well as charming looking plants into your interior design. Do you agree that this is the right way?

Decorative trees with fruits

citruse in the kitchen

If so, then we have some great tips for you. If you have enough light, you could also use small trees with fruit. No worries, that’s not so hard! Sometimes it can just be really small trees. There are many such decorative species.

Put the spice plants in the sunniest spot in the kitchen

small pots for small kitchen


Basics for the selection and care of spice plants in the kitchen

Check exactly how many hours of light you have in the kitchen each day. If this is more than three hours a day, then you could already plant spices.

Vertical garden in big flower containers

Flower container on the wall

Take a suitable flower container, in which different plants fit in. You can combine salad, pepper, and many others! If a plant has a special watercourse charge, it can be used in a separate small pot.

You could take this out for pouring and then put it back in the big flower container. So you have everything beautiful in one place and yet you care for the plants according to their individual needs.

Modern integrated spice plants

integrated kitchen spices on the window

There are also decorative varieties, especially with the peppers. These could be used to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. Most of the varieties you can easily take care of at home are annual plants.

Cut off fresh spices from the windowsill

on the windowsill is enough light

The variant with the one big flower pot is suitable if you have a larger sill. If you do not have that, then there are other solutions as well.

If you have many small areas, then you can expose the varieties in smaller flowerpots.

When choosing spice plants in the kitchen, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Put the most used spices next to the stove

have kitchen spices next to the stove

Do I use these often?

Can I comply with the care conditions? (the latter can be found on the packs or you could get tips from the seller)

Do you have the decorative value I want?

Remember that there is nothing wrong with spicing up the flower pots of the spice plants in the kitchen with a ribbon, paint or other means!

Spice up small pots as desired

spice up kitchen spices

Easy to remove for pouring

the most used kitchen spices

Use old glass jars as seasoning pots

kitchen spices attached to the wall

Cherry tomatoes in the kitchen

Cerry tomatoes on the kitchen window

The scissors should always be within reach

have the scissors ready

The kitchen is the right place for the spice plants

fresh spices in the kitchen

Put decorative trees in the kitchen

little tree in the kitchen

Reuse old cups and glasses

kitchen spices in different containers

Practical flower container for spices in the kitchen

remove kitchen spices for pouring

Straight into the pot!

Put spices next to the pots

Great idea for small kitchen garden design

great idea for the kitchen

Put favorite spices next to the dining table

great kitchen spices idea

Open window and cut off fresh spices

grow spices in front of the window


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