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Fresh window decoration is in demand: inspiring curtain ideas

curtains and curtains ideas and examples window decoration

Curtain up – For fresh window decoration

However, almost everyone in front of the window has long fabric scarfs hanging from the furniture store! It does not always have to be the same curtains, which are often laboriously washed and ironed, which dangle as dust catchers on the floor and are complicated to install.

There are much more practical and, above all, more individualized alternatives to curtains. These not only decorate the window, they are even small creative works of art that no one else has at home. With the fresh ideas that we present to you, spice up your window decoration.

Window decoration ideas

Curtains and curtains Green window decoration

Plissees: Colorful fabrics with a difference

No question: textiles of any kind bring comfort in your own four walls. But fabric curtain is not the same material curtain. How about a pleated fabric, a store made of wrinkled fabric? These are in almost every color imaginable and even with different patterns at vendors like available. The pleated can be tailored to the device and thanks to effortless installation to the respective window.

pink curtains window decoration opaque curtains and drapes

Another option for using fabric for window decoration is Roman blinds. Here is a fabric panel that can be locked in different heights, the window width. Roman blinds can also be easily sewn from the favorite fabric itself. Together with matching decoration of candles and vases on the windowsill, pleats and Roman blinds make an absolute eye-catcher at the window.

window decoration finished curtains with ruffled olive green

Down from the table: lace doilies

You have always wondered what to do with the lace doilies of Grandma’s heritage? Use it for your new window decoration! Whether simply colored in white or in bright colors – if you the individual doilies are stitched together and hanging from a simple curtain rod, this creates a nostalgic curtain of a special kind.

crocheted curtains ombre style white blue window decoration

Capture light with glass crystals

But it can also be done without any substances: Obtain around a dozen glass crystals in various shapes and colors from the craft shop. These are hung on a beautiful silk ribbon at different heights in front of the window. When the sun shines through, they show themselves great plays of light in the apartment , That does not create a curtain!

Home-made paper

Together with the children one makes colorful flower garlands, which one attaches longitudinally or transversely in front of the window. For this one cuts flower forms out of different sheets of construction paper and sticks these on both sides on a band. Several flower bands then replace a curtain easily. Tip: Easter can be used to hang Christmas garlands instead of floral easter eggs and Christmas.

Window decoration itself make DIY projects curtains and drapes

From paper can be done even more: If you print your favorite photos from vacation on tracing paper, you can also make a great curtain replacement. If you then cut the paper into a square shape, for example, and hang it up next to each other on a thin wire rope with pretty clothes-lighters, this creates an extraordinary semi-curtain.


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