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Fringes when living are again in vogue!

Fringes were not by chance the trend in the 1920s and have often asserted themselves again over time, not only in fashion but also in all other living areas. These fine, flexible stiffeners embellish clothes, furniture, and home accessories and bring more and more dynamic with them. It was no coincidence that the rock stars of the 80s always wore many fringes on their leather jackets.

For some months, the playful fringes are also on the rise in living and furnishing. We see these in many variants and designs – long and fine or strong and short, made of wool or silk. Textile and fashion designers do not have enough of it. By the way, we too. Because we love fringes, and not just on our dress and bikini, but just everywhere, the liveliness they bring with them is remarkable and immediately stands out. Let us convince you! Stay with us if you like, and have a look at the stylish and trendy interior design ideas in our picture gallery.

Fringes and Ultra violet – The pouf Amami of Moooi

fringe pouf amami from moooi

Trendy fringing in abundance

The Frans carpet is undoubtedly a true classic from the past. But now he is back, reinterpreted, and back in full glory. This time, however, the fringes are usually shorter or thicker and the carpets themselves softer and monochrome or flat woven in Ethno-optics,

The fringes do not stop any furniture anymore. We can already see them on velvety sofas and plushy poufs and armchairs or designer lights and even wall mirrors. Gorgeous!

Fringes do not only stand for luxury but also movement and freedom

luxury living room fringe sofa ottoman

The throw is at the top of the list in terms of fringes. In keeping with the latest trends, pillows with fringes look lush, playful, and homely at the same time. They are joined by their twin brothers – the well-known tassels, which provide even more momentum and coziness.

Since you want to cuddle with the same

throw pillow with fringe sofa gray dog ​​bow lamp

Our undisputed favorite: The cult lamp “B-145” by Hans-Agne Jakobsson from the 60s

b 145 hans agne jakobsson lamp with fringes

The Swedish designer Hans-Agne Jakobsson’s cheeky vintage lights are definitely making a comeback and are inevitably catching everyone’s attention in every interior. And although they are quite expensive, these genuine design treasures have earned every penny.

The same can probably be said of the original framed mirrors designed by Ben and Aja Blanc. Real works of art that are not only unusual and stylish but also fulfill their practical function.

Designer mirror by Ben and Aja Blanc

fringe wall mirror living trend 2018

Trendy wall decoration with fringes

It is often a modern interpretation of the traditional tapestry or the classic macrame. Our four walls literally get fringes in all different shapes and sizes. It goes, in principle, what pleases. Mainly avoid tasteless kitsch!

Also, wall decoration with fringes holds a great craft potential and is therefore also ideal as a suggestion for several DIY gift ideas. So, if you have a good knack and like to work with threads and yarn, you should dare. Here you will find a great guide and many examples of Make macrame yourself,

With playful fringes and natural textiles, everyone feels comfortable

fringe wall decoration diy ideas living room

Such an original wall decoration fits any modern interior

fringe wall decoration high pile carpet living room

And how about playful tassels in the bedroom?

tassels wall decor bedroom

As you can see, fringed and tasseled living possibilities are quite versatile, and many of them are easy to implement. For example, look for the latest collections from Hay, Nordal, Ferm Living, Moooi, or Gubi and find your perfect furniture, home textiles, and home accessories or look for DIY instructions and create beautiful wall decor or other accessories with fringe and tassels. Bring more opulence and liveliness into your own living paradise!

Have fun looking forward and set up!

The sumptuous poufs by Lorenza Bozzoli Design

poufs with fringe of couture lorenza bozzoli design

Elegant ottoman in eggplant from Bloomingville

bloomingville pouf fringed aubergine color velvet

Other treasures of Moooi

amami pouf with fringes of moooi

Modern eclecticism in a class of its own

fringed carpet modern upholstered sofa crystal chandelier

Coziness with style

fringed carpet designer furniture reclining chair

Discreet and well maintained in gray and blue

fringes living trend 2018 woolen carpet gray sofa

Naturalness is one of the newest living trends par excellence

carpet fringe ideas natural materials folding chair side table

carpet with fringe living room modern furnishings

The couch, armchair, and bed look even more playful, with fringes

fransen couch wohzimmer upholstered furniture armchair soft carpet

modern armchair with fringed beige

tassels fringes sofa modern beige

bedroom fringed double bed wall decoration wallpaper

armchair velvet fransen living trend luxury carpet living room set up

sofas fransen living room furnishings upholstered furniture

Pillows, pillows, pillows…

throw fringes moroccan wool boho style

pillow tassels fringes luxury furniture chair sofa

striped throw pillow sofa fringe living room set up

bedroom throw fringes pattern black white

For true Morocco fans who like it more colorful

Moroccan blankets cushion fringed tassels

Simple home accessories made of natural materials from House Doctor

house doctor pouf with fringed bedroom

The unmistakable, woven baskets of Cyrillus

fringed baskets plaited graphic pattern

Beautify your own reality with atmospheric fringes!

diy wall clock blue fringe wall decoration ideas

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