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Front garden design – how the little one can look big!

Romantic ideas for the front yard design that make your outdoor area look bigger

Would you like to make your front garden more comfortable by visually enlarging it? Here are some simple interior design ideas that are easy to do. You can use the displayed role models to spice up your front garden design, but also to freshen up your summer or winter terrace.

Curtains in the outdoor area

front yard images of the garden landscaping

You can emphasize perspective in your front yard by visually creating multiple layers. This works very well by the insertion of vertical planes. Hang up curtains. They thus achieve a sense of visual depth and spread a mystical atmosphere in the outer space.

Mirror for an optical magnification

gardening garden ideas decorate garden

Mirrors are probably the first thing you think about when it comes to enlarging the interior space. However, they can be successfully used with the same purpose outdoors. The same applies to the mirror surfaces. You can use tiles in the small front garden. Of course, they should be weather resistant and not slippery when in contact with water.

Tall plant containers and green plants

garden design garden ideas


The tall plant containers give one the feeling of opulence and fullness. They quickly distract from the fact that there is not enough space on the terrace or in the front yard.

Small, but very practical furniture

front yard ideas garden front garden landscaping

For the small front yard, small furniture is just perfect. The symmetry ensures a harmonious appearance. However, the small furniture should be very comfortable so that you and your guests feel comfortable for many hours.

Lanterns and fairy lights

front garden ideas of kindergarden gardening

The fairy lights illuminate the external space evenly and emphasize the perspective in the line in which they lie. You can therefore hang several of them. They also make the atmosphere very comfortable and thus encourage the mood of your guests.

Visual deception and distraction from reality – these are the two functions of romance in modern design. Experiment with it in your outdoor area and continue its use in the winter season.

Make everything perfect!

front yard ideas front gardens front yard design

A romantic front garden design in country house style

gardens pre-garden garden ideas

The yellow rattan chairs make for a happy mood

garden design garden furniture garden design garden ideas

The outdoor carpet makes for more cosiness

garden design garden design garden ideas

The rattan furniture is weatherproof and therefore perfect for outdoor use

front garden landscaping gardens front garden landscaping

For the small front yard, small furniture is just perfect

garden design garden front yard ideas garden design

The tall plant containers give one the feeling of opulence and fullness

front yard garden front yard ideas front yard design

The fairy lights illuminate the outside evenly and thus encourage the mood

front garden landscaping garden ideas

front garden landscaping front garden landscaping

Create comfortable shadow areas

garden furniture garden design garden ideas

Do not forget the color balance!

garden ideas gardening gardens

Symmetry creates a harmonious appearance

gardening ideas in front of the garden

Create an optical magnification through plants

landscaping front garden landscaping

Get more romance through lanterns

garden decoration garden front yard landscaping

front gardens garden design garden pictures


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