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Fun ways to turn your kitchen into wallpaper

Fun ways to turn your kitchen into wallpaper

The wallpaper has come a very long way since your grandmother had her in the kitchen, so much so that they are now in vogue. Whether you want to create a traditional kitchen aesthetic or want a more modern twist, the possibilities are endless if you use the right background image. Background is inexpensive, fun and versatile, depending on which image you want to achieve with certain patterns and colors. These fun ways to design your kitchen will drastically change your decor.

Raise your bar

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
If you do not have room for a bar in your kitchen, consider an accent table that serves as a simple dining or breakfast room. Matching with metallic and / or neutral shades so the palms can make the big statement they should make.

Make your home bar feel and look elegant with a bold, colorful wallpaper as background. Give the room a tropical touch with a hand-printed wallpaper. These are not only trendy, they are also beautiful to look at and mate with other colorful pieces.


Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Marble is elegant, chic, funny and beautiful when paired in the kitchen. The idea is to make it the main ingredient of the kitchen without getting away from the beauty of our interior. Drag darker bits to make the room brighter.

No material works better in the kitchen than marble. Marble is just one of those elements that makes sense in the kitchen area. Why are you only exhibiting your marble on your counters and kitchen islands, even if you can present it on your walls? Marble wallpaper is not only elegant and versatile, but also a nice way to add color, texture and personality.


Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Go boldly with a retro wallpaper that offers a touch of beauty, but works with many different shades. You want your breakfast nook to make sense of space and not take away from any decor that you already like. Couple with a bold chandelier for a nice reflective highlight.

Keep your kitchen walls bare and leave your breakfast nook to make the statement by using a bold wallpaper. You want to use a wallpaper that comes in a bold shade and with an even coarser pattern. A striking pattern brings life to the kitchen without having to leave your facility.

Go with flowers

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Do not miss the beauty of a black and white floral wallpaper, many shy away from a floral wallpaper, because they always think that they must be bright and bold. But in reality, the wallpaper can be a neutral color with a bold floral touch.

A floral wallpaper is perfect for a country inspired house or a farmhouse, it’s something very traditional over a floral background. So that the wallpaper does not appear too “feminine”, combine it with darker, richer colors and do not shy away from pastel shades. Consider mating with pieces of wood and / or even blacks for a masculine aesthetic.

Black and white texture

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Texture is a big part of decorating every room because of its ability to bring a homeowner-personality to the fourth front in a not so subtle way. The key is to work with texture that contributes to your decorative bits. Use hints from neutral for a nice layout.

If you are a bit hesitant about wallpaper, a black and white textured wallpaper is the way to go. This brings an industrial, textured appeal that’s crisp and clean, while you can use any color scheme you want to use. Consider adding pieces of pastel to keep the decor simple.

Fat backsplash

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Nothing screams boldly and boldly like color. We love the use of blue tones that have a little texture and / or a mix of colors. Pair with other light shades for the perfect addition that will add to your backsplash.

A bold backsplash in the kitchen is always a good idea. The use of color is one of the best ways of integrating personality and texture in your kitchen. Not only is it easy to pair with other colorful bits, but it’s economical to have, because you can change it multiple times without much required fee.

Geometric pattern

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Geometric patterns are a favorite in the kitchen because they can be placed almost anywhere, conveying a sense of uniqueness and beauty. There are never two patterns that are identical when working with a geometric background image.

The black and white geometric print adds an Art Deco touch to even the most minimalist kitchen. Add it in one or two corners for a small preview of the pattern without the ad being bold. This invigorates the kitchen without adding an extra dose of color.

Bring the lemons

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
Lemons have always been known for good luck, especially when they are exhibited in the kitchen. Instead of placing them in the kitchen on a table or breakfast nook, they show them on the wall as an accent wall with lemon wallpaper. The wallpaper brings life and color and is also a chic touch that is fun and even bizarre.

Have you always wanted to have a bold, almost unique wallpaper in your kitchen that just makes sense? If so, a lemon wallpaper is the way to go. Combine the lemon wallpaper with a simple decor so that the lemons can make their statement.

Go tropical

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
A tropical wallpaper tends to be a major favorite for many homeowners, because it has this transport feel to it. When you enter an area of ​​a house with a tropical wallpaper, it feels like you have entered a new destination. Combine them with greens and yellows to bring the rich colors to life.

If you’ve dreamed of a tropical vacation but do not have time to take one, adding tropical wallpaper to your kitchen could be the way to go. Choose a bold wallpaper with pink and green dots for this classic tropical aesthetic and combine it with brass bits to vary the colors and create a modern atmosphere.

Daring blue

Spaß Wege, Ihre Küche zu Wallpaper
We love the idea of ​​a bold blue wallpaper, especially if the wallpaper has woven numerous colors in it. Add neutral notes to simplify the boldness of the pattern , we love the idea of ​​a repeating pattern that is presented in a feminine way. Pair with minimal decor.

Whether you want to upgrade your home or create a Moroccan oasis, a daring blue wallpaper in the kitchen is the way to go. A blue patterned wallpaper is always a good idea because it usually combines several shades of blue to one.

Time for a fun wallpaper display right in your kitchen. Which one is your personal favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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