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Funny gadgets and accessories for your home or as a gift idea

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Peleg Design and other manufacturers of super funny kitchen gadgets

The amount of fun kitchen gadgets found on the Peleg Design website is simply too big for some purposes. That’s how we felt when we had to decide which products we wanted to present or not.

Even greater is the astonishment of the people who have followed the work of Peleg Design for many years.

Just when you say to yourself: No, they can not be able to think of anything else, and then there is still a product on the market. Always new and new gadgets and products surprise us with the variety that they offer.

Funny gadgets – what should one choose?

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The collection of fun kitchen gadgets is so varied and original that it makes you headache. But you can, even if you want, accommodate everything at home.

The Design Studio

cool birthday gifts funny gadgets cool gadgets

Let us a little bit more from Design Studio Shahar Peleg tell. It was named after the Israeli main designer of the same name. It was founded in 2004. At that time, the following main principles were already defined: functionality, aesthetics and humor.

In 2008 British designers Elodie Deviras and Jaime Monfort founded Brand Doiy. They had as a motto: “Design is funny”. Amongst others, they are also the authors of Fixie Pizza Cutter. It is a cutting knife that looks like a small bike. Funny we also find the caution and accuracy with which all the details have been presented! That is really unique. No wonder that soon you can cut many other things!

The egg theme at the Shahar Peleg Studio – funny gadgets

cool gadgets fancy gift ideas funny gadgets

Do you know this silicone fish? Yes, already, right? Such a thing, is not it? Have you already figured out what kind of practical sense he has? If not, we will gladly explain everything to you. Because with this fish you could very easily separate the egg yolk from the egg whites. All you need to do is put the egg into the belly of the fish and then squeeze it sideways. Oh, yes, and this beautiful fish has a great name. He calls himself Yorkfish!

A funny eggcup

original gift ideas cool gadgets funny gadgets

Even King Arthur was subordinated to the “egg theme”. Look at these great models. Not only do you get a comfortable help to keep the egg quiet at the table. “The Soldier” also carries a spoon as a weapon to help you all the more.

Where do you actually want to put the sponge down after washing? Somehow you will never find the right place for such trifles, right? But with the funny kitchen helper Mr. Sponge, we now have a great solution, right?

A container that does not collect water

funny gadgets fancy gift ideas cool gadgets

A rolling knife in the form of a fish

original gift ideas funny gadgets cool gadgets

Funny Gadgets – The funny sponge holder

fancy gift ideas cool gadgets funny gadgets

Two big sumo fighters

funny gadgets cool gadgets fancy gift ideas

How do you like this top mat?

cool gadgets funny gadgets funny gift ideas

A strong man opening bottles

cool birthday presents cool gadgets funny gadgets

Cut the pizza ?! – funny gadgets

cool gadgets funny gift ideas funny gadgets

A cloud pours the plants

cool gadgets original gift ideas funny gadgets

Funny and fancy kitchen accessories

funny gadgets cool gadgets cool birthday gifts

Do you also buy this ladle for your home?

funny gadgets cool birthday presents cool gadgets


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