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Furnishing ideas for ornate living room lighting

The role of lighting in modern design

We have been watching for a long time a transformation of the role of lighting in the interior design. It is no longer just a matter of taking into account their practical side, but rather of determining the atmosphere and the style in the room.

Because of this, interior designers are always developing more varied light n and combinations of these. Especially in the living room, this trend is always expressed very well.

Ornate living room lighting

Living room lighting for a room in black and orange

The lighting makes some home furnishing concepts even possible. For example, in a room without natural light, you can only opt for darker colors if you have the appropriate ones Combinations of ambient and tasklamps find for it. In a small or minimalist apartment, the decoration can be reduced almost exclusively to the lighting. You can also highlight a piece of art or design piece of furniture with it.

The best way to illustrate the above is based on good examples from the living room lighting. The lessons of these models can then easily be applied in other premises.

In rooms with window walls you have plenty of natural light. In the first model we have dark furniture with some glaring accents in orange. The simple yet inviting character of the living room furniture is best emphasized by the natural ambient lighting. In the evening, it’s about making the artificial light, as well as the natural, serve as a pleasant background. The hanging lamps above the coffee table are very modern and elegant. At the same time, they correspond so well with the lines and colors in the living room that they virtually disappear into it.

Hanging lamps with interesting texture for the living room furniture

In the second example, the interior designer focused almost exclusively on ambient lighting. For the entertainment and relaxation in the evening this seems to be sufficient. The material of the selected suspended luminaires corresponds with the other dominant textures in the room and contributes to the creation of a uniform picture.

Cheap living room furniture is refined by the lighting

In the third example, the inhabitants of the house manage a relative one cheap living room furniture among other things to refine by clever lighting concept. The design seems lifted primarily by the symmetrical concept. This is also achieved by the wall lighting. The two groups of lamps above the pictures at the same time emphasize the artful and harmonious character of the living room furniture. The table lamps on the chest of drawers express this idea even more. The spherical pendant over the coffee table emphasizes that we are dealing with a centralized design concept.

Living room lighting for a very bright room

SAk Design Ahmd

Versatile functionality, disguised in a unified artistic idea

The versatility of the offer of on-line sales portals like Eluce serves the aspiration of interior designers to realize noble and characterful concepts with few resources. The examples described and illustrated also illustrate the artistic value of modern designer luminaires. The successful design proves to be the most suitable “packaging” of versatile functionality and aesthetics.


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