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Home Decor Living Room – Decorate your living area in a specific way style

You have recently acquired a property on which you want to build a house? Maybe you do not dare to start building there so quickly, because you want to end up with a living room that will take your breath away?

I’ve found that many people do the same. That’s why I wrote this article by sharing 15 great living room ideas. Most people want to have a classic sofa, a clean worktable and some decorative objects. Each of your guests will be impressed by the simplicity of this facility.

A spacious living room

Imagine a living room lit by the large windows. The light nuances and the light will make you want to never leave this house. This is also the perfect place for families with children. Last but not least, the wooden floors and cuddly carpets contribute to this.

15 great ideas for living room design

furnishing ideas living room bright cozy

The living room of the 80s

The round mirror here and the aquarium chandelier will bring you back in time for at least 40 years. The sofa with the floral design and the table with straight-lined chairs will give the impression that you live in the 80s.

Do you have preferences for the 80s?

furnishing ideas living room 80s style retro

An airy living room

The high ceilings, the fan in the middle of the sofa and the armchairs make this living room great for those who are a bit claustrophobic and want to have lots of space.

The high ceiling leaves the room appear more spacious

furnishing ideas living room airy high ceilings

The quiet living room

The cave look of this room will give you the peace and joy you deserve. It is a small living room that has no electronic facilities, so you will never be interrupted by any noise. This is the perfect room for reading books.

Enjoy the silence and the cosiness of your apartment

furnishing ideas living room still monochrome gray

Living room that looks like a forest

It has to do with a tree, which is shaped like a table. The color of the sofas and plants will give you the impression that you are in the middle of nature.

Inspiration from nature furnishing ideas living room natural wood

A fantastic living room

Here you have a ceiling that is half glass, half wood. Through the corners and the minimalist furniture, this room looks like a completely different time. She seems to have come back from the future.

Minimalist modern design calls this living room fantastic

furnishing ideas living room glass wood roof modern

Living room with a Kastelllook

The columns, the shape and the number of windows, together with the modern ceiling, give one the impression of being in a castle.

Get inspiration from the Middle Ages

interior design living room stone walls wood fireplace

A hippie living room

Do you have a longing for the 60s? If that’s the case, then the bold colors of the paintings, the chairs in the shape of a beanbag and the colored lights will create the perfect ambiance in your living room.

Pop Art from the 60s

furnishing ideas living room hippie colorful pop art

The natural living room

This room is perfect for people who like the recreational entertainment. This is mainly due to the natural light, the stairs and the cupboards.

Living room with wonderful view of the forest

furnishing ideas living room bright natural colors open plan

The neutral living room

You love the simplicity and do not want to attract attention? Then this Wohnziemer is just right for you! The clear lines and neutral shades contribute to this

Harmonious color scheme with wood accents

furnishing ideas living room harmony neutral colors

A bachelor living room

The sofas and the open spaces in this living room are the perfect ambience for a bachelor. Allows you to invite all friends to a game.

The perfect ambience for a bachelor

furnishing ideas living room classic traditional

The classic living room

The painting on the wall, the plants and the piano create a classic living room that will never go out of fashion.

Classically furnished living room

furnishing ideas living room traditional

The male living room

Do you want a mature and masculine living room? The dark colors, the leather sofas and the bar are just the thing for you.

Men love simple, stylish design

furnishing ideas living room masculine male

A female living room

Every woman will be fascinated by this living room. The room owes its charm to the cool colors, the bright light and the small decorative objects.

And we, women like to add feminine accents

furnishing ideas living room feminine female

How many ideas for living room design could you have? I think that according to these examples, the answer is about “1000”! Did you find yourself in one of these rooms?


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