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Furnishing tips – the wood as an accent in the interior

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Wood as a synonym for coziness and attractive harmony

In the contemporary home as a basic style, if you can call it that, the elegant functionality prevails. Classic, modern, extravagant and simple forms live together as a mirror image of our dynamic and fast-developing world.

But the only material that never comes out of the eyes of the interior designer is the wood and its successful imitations. No other material can detect comfort and warmth so effectively. And precisely because of its advantages as a furnishing element and its preference, the development and use of wood imitations with exuberant quality and characteristics takes place.

Furnishing tips: Wooden beams as an accent

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In addition to the traditional use of wood as a railing and stairboard in the stairwell, it was introduced to the living space in an attractive way – as vertical wall cladding, on doors and windows, as flooring, as decorative beams and of course as great pieces of furniture all around us ,

Actually, the natural wood in the interior design can never come out of the scene, his presence is sometimes considered in the home furnishings even banal. But the composition with the appropriate furniture, textiles, accessories and decoration can lead to a simple and modern decor.

The possibilities and benefits of wood are an infinite source of inspiration that offers many ideas. These give the apartment personality and individuality. But light or dark wood should be preferred?

Furnishing tips with light wood

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The light wood refreshes the living space incredibly. With the help of a light floor covering or with light wood furniture, the room looks bigger and brighter. You will achieve a clean and simple decor with a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.

The effect of the dark wood

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Visually, the dark wood is a bit cool, but it also provides a warm energy in the living room. Many people arrange their flat entirely with dark wood to determine a certain mystique in the interior. Dark solid wood furniture, such as heavy chests of drawers with an exuberant wood carving can give a great look and feel like many centuries ago.

Trendy combination with light and dark wood

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The most successful and above all very up-to-date combination of dark and light wood is often preferred by many homeowners. In this way you will achieve a wonderful composition of two styles. The easiest and cheap option to achieve this is to combine the light furniture with dark vases or other decorative items.

Let’s draw a conclusion: If you want to enrich your home with romance, coziness and warmth, you should not save on wood.

The wooden furniture never goes out of fashion

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The dark wood can be well integrated into the modern interior

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A well-made combination of dark and light wood

furnishing tips apartment furnishing ideas wooden furniture

How do you like this living room furniture?

furnishing tips room design room set up ideas

An extravagant-looking kitchen with natural wood cabinets

Einrichtstipps Holzmöbel kitchen furnish living ideas

Furnishing tips: You can choose wood colors according to your wishes

wood paneling furnishing tips apartment furnishing ideas

The wood imitations are now of a high quality

wood paneling interior furnishings tips home furnishings

The wooden ceiling cladding is very suitable for high rooms

kitchen-set-wohnideen-device tips-wood cladding

Make a perfect bedroom design

furnishing tips bedroom furniture room set up ideas

An idea on how to set up your kitchen in a frisky way

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The dark dining room furniture is the accent in this establishment

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Which wood material would you choose?

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Setup tips that can also introduce you to your home

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