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Garden decoration with herbal and garden signs: So you conjure up a great garden

Summer is just around the corner and as spring has been so warm so far, the flowers and grasses in your garden will surely sprout. If you also have a small herb and vegetable garden, it’s time to get some garden decoration. We’ll tell you how to do it.

The perfect garden decoration for every garden

Not all decorative items are equally suitable for all gardens. Big and bulky tubs can quickly overfill a small garden and too little garden decoration will lose me nothing in a large garden.

Garden decoration itself make ceramics

Fortunately, there are garden decorations with herbal and garden signs, which make great in any garden. Because the garden signs are usually in beds and these beds look the same in most gardens. In other words, with a beautiful and high quality Herbal and garden sign they are in any case correct.

And high quality is already the keyword that you should pay attention to. Because on a garden sign from inferior quality you will not have much fun.

Look for the materials when decorating the garden

Since the beautiful decorative pieces are in the garden for many months (sometimes all year round), you should pay attention to the materials. The quality of the material should be such that it can withstand wind and weather. In the summer, the garden decoration has to cope with prolonged exposure to sunlight, while in spring and autumn it can be extremely stormy and rainy. Since the material is required a lot.


Fortunately, most herb and garden signs are made of weatherproof material that can withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. Of course, when buying, keep in mind that no material will forever retain the properties it has in the store or online store. After a few years at the latest, herbal and garden signs must be replaced with the weatherproofest materials.

As materials for herbal and garden signs plastic or stainless steel are very popular. And both have advantages.

The advantages of different herbal and garden signs

Herbal and garden signs Plastic are considered to be very weather-resistant because the material itself retains its properties relatively well. On the other hand, plastic is – as the name implies – not a natural substance. And that bothers some garden owners. Why they opt for stainless steel. Stainless steel withstands the weather, but changes its appearance over time and is susceptible to rust. For this reason, you should be prepared for rusting your herb and garden signs faster, especially near old railroad tracks or in the metalworking industry.

Garden decoration Elber make brick

An alternative to stainless steel – and one that still looks good – are wooden signs. They come in very different designs, sizes and shapes. DIY enthusiasts can also find wooden signs that they can customize to their own liking and mood. Corresponding blanks can be purchased in the network or in hardware stores. With a little skill, you can conjure up herbal and garden signs that no one else in the garden has guaranteed.

garden decoration elber make herbs signs

Herbal and garden signs for DIY experts

Anyone who is skilfully skilled in craftsmanship can also buy the entire garden sign for his Herb garden make your own. Again, there are very different possibilities and, above all, the imagination knows no bounds. In other words, let yourself be inspired and always gather new ideas, from which you can then make your own or your own garden signs.

Like for example this idea here:

For beginners in the great realm of garden signs, small signs made of wood are particularly suitable. They are made quickly and you usually only need materials that you have at home anyway, or at least can get with little effort. And so it goes:

  • Get a wooden board and cut it to the size that your future garden sign should have (alternatively, you can have it cut at the hardware store)
  • You also need a waterproof pen that you can use to write on wood. To sign the script, you should also have a pencil and an eraser at hand
  • To beautify and weatherproof the garden sign you need then glaze in a desired color and clear coat
  • The first step begins with the board being sawn down at a point so that it can later be easily inserted into the ground. At this step, make sure that the tip is not too short. Depending on the length of the garden sign, it can be 15-20 centimeters long. It does not have to disappear completely later in the ground.

garden decoration elber make cool ideas

Then the piece of wood can be painted, if you want. This year, the so-called Shabby Chic is also announced in the garden. Which means we encounter a lot of white painted wood. That’s what you can do with the garden sign. But the trendy look does not mean that the color is applied very carefully – at least it should not look like it. Therefore, do not paint the garden sign completely covering, but pay attention to an uneven distribution of the color.

garden decoration elber l = herbs signs arrow

Then comes the writing. If you want, you can pre-design some ideas for the printout on the pc and play around with it. When you find the right font, print it out and use it as a template for your garden sign.

If you do not need a template, you simply paint the desired lettering on the garden sign by hand. In both cases, however, you should mark with pencil in order to be able to correct errors.

If you like the lettering, you can trace it with a waterproof marker.

Finally, there is clear lacquer on the garden sign – and ready!

Of course, you can modify this basic shape of the herbal and garden sign as you wish and quite simply make your own individual signage yourself. Have fun!

Garden decoration itself make mustache communication

garden decoration elber l = herbs signs

Garden decoration itself make good material


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