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Garden party ideas to include summer

Garden party ideas to include summer

With the warmer weather comes the ability to talk outside and have family and friends to enjoy a fun garden party. Before you send out your party invitations, take a look at some of the stylish garden party ideas that will give your outdoor space the summery vibe your party needs.

Charming extra table

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
If you can not find enough chairs for your guests, remember to use pillows and create a charming little space. This will help you to create a well-connected feeling while still having a relaxed aesthetic.

Short at the dining table? If you already have a seating area for your guests, add a charming little extra table to the side or attached to your table. For that touch of charm, consider using a wooden table and adding fresh flowers from your garden to keep the space coherent and fresh.

Create ambience

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
If you have trees around your table setting, you want to hang lamps directly to create an ambience. This creates a romantic feeling that can be enhanced by lanterns in the room.

Organizing a party outdoors or indoors always means creating an ambience that conveys a sense of beauty and brings together your facility. Create even greater ambient aesthetics by adding lamps and signs that point your guests in the right direction where the party will take place. In addition, this is another great way to brighten the room while still decorating bits.

Go vintage

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
With a wooden table is the perfect presentation for a vintage appeal. There is something very chic and earthy about a fat wood feel throughout the area. Pair with natural flowers for this traditional beauty.

By adding a vintage touch to your party decor, you can use items that are already part of your outdoor space. Objects like wood, flowers, tree pieces and / or all three. You can also use furniture from home and use it outdoors for the classic vintage feel.

Place your furniture under a shadow

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
Keep it under the shade for the cozy piece that makes sense and keeps the room cool. If you do not have a tree to place your seat underneath, you should place your seat directly under a sheltered area to keep the room cool.

If your party is during the day, then you know how warm it can get. That’s why you want to shade your furniture for a cooler feel. You can even add one or two umbrellas to make sure there is not much sunshine on your guests.

Decorate your porch

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
You can even decorate your porch with signs and / or a bar to further your theme. Add a few chairs and lights to give your guests a “waiting area”.

Is there a better way to greet your guests than a well-equipped veranda? With a decorative porch, you can greet your guests first-hand before entering the party area. Use comfortable pieces of furniture while still having that classic decorating feel.

Become creative

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
Being creative can be fun when you’re working with a lot of colors that work well together. You can even consider contrasting shades and edit them as part of your decor.

Consider decorating the room with several different decorating ideas to create a modern touch that is also creative and fun. You may want to set up stations with various activities that will make the space look open and inviting. Another idea that should be considered is an area for the children separate from the adults.

beverage stations

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
When designing your beverage station, consider a great variety so that your guests can feel comfortable and enjoy their favorite drinks. The key is the use of drinks that are light and bold in taste.

What is a summer party without drinks? Summery, fruity drinks are always refreshing and a top favorite. The key is that the pitchers are designed for your guests to serve themselves. That way, you can spend more time with your favorite people.

food stations

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
Can not I come up with a food delivery? Consider a dessert station instead. It’s a fun way to showcase your desserts and engage your guests. Add an interactive aspect to further increase the station.

Food stations are extremely special if you have all kinds of guests. Instead, to choose a meal or two, you can arrange the food in a buffet style and have food stations for the purpose of the party.

Cozy fireplace

Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
Display your seating in front of your fireplace for a seamless cozy attraction. Use similar colors that are fresh and clean while brightening up the space while feeling like a rich fireplace.

For a cozy aesthetic, add a fireplace. The simplicity of a fireplace coupled with the beauty of nature will bring a soothing atmosphere that is fun and summery. Keep your party decor simple and charming, to further promote the fact that the fireplace is the main focus of the d├ęcor.


Garten-Party-Ideen, Sommer zu umfassen
Why do you have a chandelier if you can hang several. Add a romantic charm with soft chandeliers that have an inevitable feminine aesthetic. Combine with discreet flower arrangements to continue the feminine atmosphere as part of your decor.

If you have room for a chandelier, go for it! A chandelier is always a good idea if you want to bring a chic touch that also serves as a light. In addition, you can add other lights, but a unique and cool chandelier can make a big difference while it’s still functional.


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