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Garden privacy screen in mexican style

garden privacy mexico restaurant giganten

Garden blinds method becomes a gorgeous design concept

So little is needed most to develop a special and very great concept. So much too! These are the super simple ideas, but they have to come to mind first. That is why some ideas, ideas and methods are so expensive and their owners live on them and profit from the fruits of their work for life.


Today we want to introduce you to such an idea. It is a modern garden privacy screen that has become a trademark of El Montero restaurant. It is located south of the US border. There you can enjoy delicious mexican cuisine and at the same time look at this gorgeous design concept up close.

The wild growth of cacti in Mexico is skillfully used as a design element in the said restaurant

garden privacy

There are endless cactus forests that are well worth seeing

garden privacy mexico restaurant gignten

The house fence of Frida Kahlo consists of the same cactus rows

garden privacy mexico restaurant nature falos frida


Old Mexico, New menu

We think that the pictures we present here speak in favor of the garden screening method itself. Also, anyone can, with careful observation, find out how to adapt it to their own needs. Now do we want to take the time to make a digression to the menu?

It brings the mood with Old Mexico, this from the 16th century. Old decorative traditions are clearly visible here. They were typical of the desert areas. But you have combined the whole thing with a completely new menu.

The cacti in Mexico have their own history and tradition

Garden Privacy Mexico

They are an object of design in southern horticulture

garden privacy mexico restaurant fence

You can see the cactus practically on every corner

garden privacy mexico restaurant

Garden Screening Fence as a Main Theme

The interesting thing is that the cacti were not only used here as fences, which interlock the view. They became a main topic. They also serve as accent walls, functional entanglements, but also make up the main theme in the ambience.

They also come as table decoration. The other desert plants that fill the room are aimed at the cacti and emphasize their character and characteristics.

If you were to use a plant for the garden screen, what would it be? Would she also make up the main theme in the decoration?

Worth seeing and impressive – a trip to Mexico is definitely worth it

garden privacy mexico restaurant frida diego

The cacti in the design represent the desert

garden privacy mexico restaurant cactus close

and are part of Mexican nature and culture

garden privacy mexico restaurant mexico tradition

Apart from their decorative character, the cacti also have a useful role

garden privacy mexico restaurant nature frida

As most people already know, cacti store fresh water for a long time

garden privacy mexico restaurant nature protection


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