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Gardens of plants – whimsical garden art in Atlanta and Montreal

garden figures goddess of the earth waterfall

Magical garden figures from plants

Mosaiculture is the garden art in which these beautiful garden figures have been created. We have collected some great examples for you. Most come from Atlanta and the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, Canada. The figures are very complicated and massive. Some of them are from animals and others from mystical, imaginative creatures.

They look fresh and alive.

Most of these garden figures have as a basis a steel frame, which is wrapped with steel net. Then peat and soil are filled into this net and only then are the different plants cultivated. Under the net are the irrigation channels. So the plants are always fresh and well moistened.

These incredibly original garden figurines look like they’ve grown out of the earth. Most are dynamic and three-dimensional. The largest of the characters in Atlanta is the goddess of the earth you see above. It is always present in the Botanical Garden and is 25 meters high.

Take a look at all the other figures and let them affect you. It is a special treat especially for nature lovers, but also for people who are interested in art.

Oversized colorful flowers

gardening flowers flowers montreal

A boat full of strange creatures

garden figures boat international figures

A grazing unicorn

garden figures unicorn garden art garden sculptures

Two colorful swans

garden figures duck montreal botanical garden

Jumping fish

garden sculptures fish garden art

Floating fish

garden sculptures garden art fish

The frog looks almost real

garden sculptures frog pond garden art

Three graceful emus

garden sculptures garden art emus montreal

A magnificent butterfly

garden sculptures garden art sculptures butterfly

A cute dog

garden figures dog gardening sculptures

Majestic Cobra

garden sculptures kobra garden sculpture

Woman with egrets

garden figures montreal heron woman

Two funny orangutans

garden sculptures orang utans

A sweet panda bear

garden sculptures panda bear montreal

Paradise bird

garden figures peacock bird garden sculptures

mother and child

garden sculptures penguins garden art

Hungry caterpillar

garden figures caterpillar green plants

The old shepherd

garden figures shepherd montreal botanical garden

Two proud cobras

garden sculptures snakes plants garden art

Butterfly and colorful flowers

garden sculptures butterfly quebec

Creepy Devil Head

garden figures devil horns beard

A whimsical flock of birds

garden sculptures birds animals montreal

A funny raccoon family

garden figures raccoons montreal mosaiculture


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