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Garland of fresh herbs – a great DIY idea for passionate hobbyists

The season of herbs is officially opened. If you like forest walks with friends then you know it. In nature, there are many different fresh herbs just waiting to be collected. They have different healing powers and specific flavors. Each of us can use these for different purposes in the household, for example the Dry herbs or brew an aromatic tea. But today we want to go a step further and present you a great DIY idea with fresh herbs that not everyone knows. Have you ever guessed that you can decorate with fresh herbs? That’s what our article is about today. Step by step, we show you in text and image, how you can make a garland of fresh herbs yourself. Roll up your sleeves and we’ll get to work together. Agreed?

As always, we are looking for creative ideas for home decoration.

Garland of fresh herbs decoration for indoors outside

I always take for this garland fresh herbs from my garden. My favorites include real thyme, rosemary, basil and dill. These are still aromatic peppermint, lemon balm and parsley in competition. A few lavender stems go perfectly with this DIY idea, as they introduce a delicate purple color into your arrangement and enhance the fragrance of the garland.

Please do not feel guilty that you cut the herbs in your own garden. These grow very fast. In addition, fresh herbs last a long time and spend at least for days their wonderful fragrance.

With your homemade garland of herbs you can then decorate the dining or side table at home and refresh the indoor air inside. But you can also put the garland on the coffee table outside. On the one hand, it serves as a real eye-catcher and on the other hand, you can fully enjoy the fresh, slightly numbing scent of the herbs every day. In both cases, you would have a real highlight that immediately attracts attention and smells nice. It depends a lot on which herbs you use. But it is good to know that some herbs repel mosquitoes and other insects. You can learn more about it here read.

For your garland of fresh herbs you need only a few things.

Necessary materials a garland make fresh herbs

  • How to make a garland of fresh herbs?

Creating a garland of fresh herbs is easy and does not take much time. This DIY idea is also suitable for beginners. In addition, you have the craft of garland the absolute freedom to mix your favorite herbs and combine them to suit your mood. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

What you need to make a garland of herbs:

  • fresh herbs
  • a ball of yarn or hemp
  • Wire for floral wreaths
  • gardening shears
  • Make a garland of fresh herbs step by step

Measure and cut 15 cm wire.

Make garland of fresh herbs

First you have to measure some wire (about 15 cm) and cut out this length.

Make a bunch of herbs

A bunch of herbs make garland

Then you make your first bunch of herbs. For this purpose, you take some stems of your preferred herbs and bind them together. You should turn the wire around the stems. Then you cut the ends of the stems until they are straight. Your first bundle is ready!

Now you have to decide how many such bundles you need for your garland. That is, you must determine the length of the garland in advance. Then you repeat the process and create several more bundles of fresh herbs.

Tie the bundle with wire and twine.

Tying garland with wire tying yarn

Bind bundles next to bundle

Garland of fresh herb bundles next to bundle tie

Now you have to tie the individual bundles into a garland. Use the wire and yarn to make. Wrap the yarn around four to five times to make sure the bundle is tied. But do not cut the wire off yet.

Then put the next bunch of herbs a few inches below the first, so that they overlap. Then you can wrap wire and twine around the stems of the second bundle again. In this way you can continue and change the position of the bundles from left to right until you have reached the desired length of the garland.

Soon your garland of fresh herbs will be ready!

Garland made of fresh herbs tinker step by step

When you reach the end, put the last bundle in the opposite direction to the penultimate one. Put the stems of the bundle under the leaves of the last bundle and fasten with wire. Cut off the excess wire and yarn.

Now showcase your creation!

Garland showcases fresh herbs tealights

Herbal garlands are a versatile and beautiful way to use the endless natural wealth of your garden as a decoration. Therefore, put the newly made garland of fresh herbs as the centerpiece on your indoor or outdoor table. So you, along with your friends and family members, can enjoy the fresh scent of nature for a long time. For fresh herbs tied to the garland smell wonderful for a few more days. Add a few lanterns and your decoration for indoors and outdoors would be perfect!

There are other ways to put together a garland of herbs. We wish you a lot of craftsmanship and a good luck!

From fresh herbs you can make unusual decoration for the home yourself

Deco for home make fresh herbs yourself

The herbs can be tied in bundles in no time.

Decorate herbs to bind bundles

Hang the herb bundles and your decoration is ready!

Decorative herb bundles hang a different kind of garland of fresh herbs

This deco of fresh herbs exudes wonderful fragrances that make you think of forest walks and field meadows

Decorative garland fresh herbs wonderful scents


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