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Give the kitchen cabinet comfortable and tidy!

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Ideas for a practical kitchen cabinet layout

In the kitchen, the family usually spends most of his time. So it’s good to practically set up and plan it. This will make cooking much easier. Here are some ways you can set up your kitchen cabinets neatly and in a space-saving way.

A kitchen cupboard for cooking pots

kitchen cupboards base cabinet kitchen furnishing ideas kitchen

How do you like the idea of ​​keeping all your pots in a drawer without stacking them on top of each other? Impossible, you mean? Nowadays more and more such drawers are offered in wholesale. The possibility to organize your pots in this way is because the kitchen drawers are big, wide and deep.

A deep plate drawer

kitchen cabinet single kitchen unit kitchen furniture


Here you have two setup options. The first option is to place in the deep cabinet a plate rack. This allows you to put the plates on top of each other. The second alternative is to use a dishwashing machine that allows you to store the plates separately.

An idea for cutlery

kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinets furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen decoration

Are you fed up with ordering your cutlery and kitchen accessories again and again? We also have a good idea for that! Choose beautiful containers of your choice. Hang these on previously installed wall rails and divide up your kitchen accessories accordingly. But remember to place them in a convenient place.

Kitchen cupboard for spices

kitchens cabinets furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen cabinets

A kitchen cabinet with two drawers is perfect for storing spices and foods such as rice and lentils. Divide each of the drawers into two sections so that the food and spices are separated. This idea eliminates the constant search in the closet for the used spice. Keep your kitchen cabinet clean by sorting the spices into glass jars.

Keep the vegetables

kitchen cabinets single furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen cabinet

It’s nice if your kitchen is cozy and tidy. That’s the way it should stay! Consider the idea of ​​integrating a kitchen cabinet for vegetables in the kitchen. There you can store vegetables that do not need to be refrigerated, such as the onions. Put small boxes or plastic containers in the cabinet for better division.

Did you like one or all of the ideas in today’s post? Then take a look at the pictures below and be inspired!

Keep the most used cooking pots and cutlery handy

interior design kitchen kitchen decorating kitchen kitchen cupboard

This idea takes up more space, but is much more comfortable

furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen cabinets single kitchen cabinet

Find space for the cleaning utensils

interior design kitchen kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinet set up kitchen

Do you find this idea practical?

interior design kitchen kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinet

That way you will keep your cupboard clean

interior design kitchen kitchen kitchen cabinets

Make the most of the corner cupboard

kitchen corner cabinet kitchen cupboard kitchen ideas

Integrate a sliding mechanism into the kitchen cabinet

kitchen furniture home decor kitchen kitchen cabinet kitchen cabinet

Store more wine bottles in a reclining position

kitchens furnishing kitchen cupboards cupboards kitchen furnishings kitchen

Very tidy plates

kitchen cabinet home decor kitchen kitchen cabinet

Try this interior design idea

kitchen cabinets kitchen cabinets single furnishing ideas kitchen

Attach a cook top lid rack to the kitchen cabinet door

kitchen cabinet kitchen cupboards home decor kitchen

Keep the cooking pots under the stove

base cabinet kitchen furnishing ideas kitchen kitchen cabinet


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