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Great deco and interior design ideas that show the potential of striped patterns

Striped patterns look classic, timeless and always provide mood and dynamics in the room. They fit different styles of decor, work well both as accents and as background. Discover their great potential as part of the interior design with the help of the next great interior design ideas.

The striped patterns are introduced here very discreetly through the carpet

floor discreet strip pattern

Impressive interior design ideas with stripes

The first model is a simple living room with a very homely character. Although not obvious at first glance, the striped patterns play a very important role here. They correspond to the vertical lines of the window blinds and the laminate floor.


In a very inconspicuous way, one also influences the perception of the dimensions. The room looks wider.

carpet stripe pattern nautical style

Nautical stripes in the living room

Even in this fabulous living room, the nautical stripes are just right in the square. They correspond to the wave-like patterns of the toy basket, the blue and white curtains and the artwork. The striped carpet has a universal effect and thus ensures that this room looks quite uniform despite the various elements.

The striped curtains are both classic and original

decoide curtains in stripes pattern

Window curtains in black and white

This is yet another example of how the striped textiles are barely noticed and yet can completely transform the impression of a room. The black and white curtains are ideal for the entire color palette of the room. Thanks to the graphic patterns you have a very stylish effect with similar interior design ideas.

The striped patterns are one of the most appropriate solutions for decorating children’s rooms

red stripes great effect furnishing ideas for the children's room


The stripes – a perfect choice for the boys room

This is the nursery of the two boys by interior designer Sarah Hartill. The striped patterns are ideal because they are masculine and playful at the same time. The red and white color palette ensures that the whole thing at the same time looks dynamic and calm, quite peaceful. It comes out very well against the warm, brown background.

deco ideas with striped pattern carpet


The striped patterns are also masculine in this model and they contrast with the feminine colors, patterns of bedding and the shape of the fireplace. A wonderful balance.

wall design several stripes great

Bring some energy into the bathroom!

The stripes are an ideal choice for the urgent renovation of bathrooms and other premises. The orange and white stripes make this room fresh, lively and dynamic. Here the stripes dominate the wall design, but you could achieve a similar effect by doing just a corner or an accent wall with it.

retro furniture strip

Striped retro looks

If you are looking for a retro look and at the same time want to show a very high level, you are ready to go for a striped pattern. You can achieve this with such a cabinet as this one. You could then weld the color palette together in one room. If you choose more subtle colors, the piece of furniture would be well-suited to any design.

Striped throw pillows liven up this bedroom

Throw pillow stripes pattern

Small striped deco elements

In this bright bedroom you have decided for throw pillows in a striped pattern. Here it is illustrated how strong their effect is even with limited use. These throw pillows are a small part of the room decoration, but transform the appearance completely.

World-style decor with striped patterns

Textile pattern on the furniture strip

Stripe pattern and the global style

The striped patterns occur in many ethnic traditions. That’s why they are ideal for a world-style design. The striped patterns in this photo sample could also wonderfully inscribe into an ethnic concept.

carpet stripes decorating ideas

An ideal carpet for the entrance area

For the general comfort it is very important to have an inviting entrance area. The striped carpet in the hallway would contribute wonderfully. It enlivens the entrance area and at the same time makes it stylish. For even better effect, choose colors and patterns that correspond to the rest of the interior design.

Accent wall stripes several colors

accent wall stripe pattern green and white

Throw pillow on leather sofa stripes pattern

furnishing ideas accent wall stripes pattern

curtains green stripes pattern home decor

curtains with stripes

curtains stripes brown and beige

gray bright and white wall design stripes

horizontal stripes green and white

horizontal stripes white blue bright and dark

rollo stripes pattern

red white stripe pattern

stripes furnishing ideas corner bed linen

Stripe pattern as a wall tapette in the bathroom

stripe pattern for the wall

carpet stripes decorating ideas

carpet stripe pattern corresponding to the closet

staircase furnishing idea stripes

vertical stripes interior design bedroom

vertical stripes very noble furnishing ideas

wall design throw pillow stripe pattern

wall decoration stripes

wall design stripes pattern

wall design stripe pattern black and gray


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