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Great ideas and a guide on how to elegantly paint your mug

There is a solution for all fans of custom-looking dishes! Thanks to the following idea, you no longer have to spend money on expensive cups with different patterns to achieve a little more variety in the household. The designs are easy to paint and anyone can do it without much effort or detailed instructions. If you have any doubts, you might experiment on paper first. Then you are already confident and creative when you paint the cups.

Painting cups is easier than some believe!

cups painted beautiful set

So you can paint the cups with porcelain paints!

In our example, the cups were processed with porcelain brushes. For best results, follow the steps outlined below. Rinse and thoroughly dry the surface, which is picturesque to work. Place paper, newspapers or other material underneath the work surface, which you can then eject.

You do not necessarily have to clean up afterwards. For different areas you can use different sizes of jaws. They are more suitable for different types of motifs. In the example here bigger ones were used for purple and smaller ones – for blue ornaments.

Simple motifs can be easily applied with porcelain brushes

paint cups from a beautiful perspective

Procedure with porcelain pins

You can paint cups not only with stains, but also with porcelain pens. The procedure in this case begins with the precautionary rinsing of the cups at high temperature. Any kind of dirt, such as grease stains, must be removed. After applying the drawings, you should allow them to dry for a few minutes just as with the technique previously described. Then they would have to be baked in a preheated oven at 160 degrees.

The materials for cup painting are not too many
mugs paint materials all

Be careful when using

There are special colors for painting dishes and yet you can not say that they are healthy. In general, it can always be dangerous to your health if you come in contact with it while drinking or eating. That’s why the ornaments should be applied so that they can not penetrate our body.
And one last tip: when rinsing you should avoid friction and machining with aggressive means! You can find more ideas and tips for painting cups as well in this article on our website !

Preferably use thin and coarse brushes
mugs paint matching brushes


If you have practiced before, the application of the motives will not be too complicated
make the cup yourself with a bust

Make cups yourself – great results from all perspectives
Cups painted three pieces

Here are the motives to the cup edge. But…
Cups paint three beautiful pieces

it is safer if the paint does not come into contact with the mouth!
Cups paint a single great idea

A few more great views on the self-designed cups!

cups paint wonderful example

Applications are another great technique for cup-self-design

three owls mugs-resized

For such figures we would rather take the porcelain pens!


Mug painting can be a great DIY occupation for kids!

flying bunny paint-resized

Painted-resized green with a tree

What do you think of thematic paintings on mugs on different topics?

snowman pattern mugs painted-resized

cups painted antique radiation-resized

Many prefer classic motifs to paint their cups

mugs paint blue and green-resized

mugs paint a great flower-resized

A few more graphic inspirations for painting cups

Cups painted elephant with a birds-resized

cups paint graphic view-resized

cups painted orange owls-resized

More gifted painters can design cups as works of art themselves!

cups paint great face-resized

cups paint different colors-resized

cups painted branches and birds-resized

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