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Great interior design ideas from the apartment of Nina Dobrev

Balance of contrasts in the house of Nina Dobrev

In this article we offer you an insight into the life and lifestyle of Nina Dobrev. Her home in California brings us closer to her and is a great example of designer inspiration. She has chosen a Spanish-style 1920s home in keeping with her southern temperament. The design is a charming result of the collaboration between her and Studio Consort Design.

After the first tour of the apartment, the living room leaves the longest sustainable impression. It rises above an original crown floor plan and has impressive arcades. Their effect is enhanced by the natural light and the abundant use of wood.

Original shapes and modern trends

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Due to the influence of the 20s and the original architectural forms, the abundant modern trends are very original. The apartment of Nina Dobrev is a wonderful example of how current trends can be integrated into timeless concepts. So the design remains timeless.

Accessories from around the world

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Favorite pictures on the wall

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Nina Dobrev often travels around the world for her film career. She makes the best of it also for her home. Accessories from different countries adorn the different rooms of the apartment. This global aspect of interior design is also one of its most important interconnecting elements.

Personal gifts also find a place in the apartment. On the wall in the living room hangs a portrait of Audrey Hepburn, a work by Bradley Theodor. The artwork combines all the colors used in the room and contributes to the uniform appearance.

Contrasts in textile and colors

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In colors and texture one notices different nuances. They are responsible for the diversity as well as the balance in the room. Particularly striking is the black and white contrast. Its dominance is also important because its monochromatic and classic character guarantees the upscale effect of home furnishings.

In black and white we also find a great work of art in the living room. It is the drawing of a camera – a work of the mother of Nina Dobrev. The picture hangs over the favorite sofa of the actress.

Despite the many details, the device leaves the impression that every detail is in exactly the right place. This creates a relaxed atmosphere that makes the house Nina Dobrev’s favorite retreat.

The apartment of Nina Dobrev is with a timeless design

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A delicate color for the bathroom

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Wood and copper elements as a kitchen decoration

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A wonderful example of how current trends can be integrated into timeless concepts

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This wall decoration is certainly a memory

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Black wallboard as a trendy accent in the kitchen

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Accessories from different countries adorn the different rooms of the apartment

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